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Profile of Chongqing University of Technology
Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) is a key multidisciplinary university in Chongqing, the only institution of higher learning in Southwest China that grows and develops on the basis of ordnance industries.

CQUT started in 1940 under the name of Shiji Public School, which was the 11th Technical School attached to Ministry of Ordnance Industry, National Government. In 1999, the local government took over the university from China Ordnance Industry Co., and it was renamed Chongqing College of Engineering. Chongqing Institution of Officials for Economic Management was incorporated CQUT in 2001. With the approval of Ministry of Education, the university was renamed Chongqing University of Technology in 2009, which marks a new chapter of its development.

Located in Chongqing, a southwestern municipality directly under the Central Government, CQUT is composed of 3 campuses (Huaxi, Liangjiang and Yangjiaping), covering an area of 150 hectare. The picturesque Huaxi Campus is situated in Chongqing’s southern district - Ba’nan, standing at the bank of Yangtze River and leaning against Nanshan Mountain. Liangjiang Campus sits at the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Belt of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, China’s third national economic zone, with Yulin River eastwards, a branch of Yangtze River, and Shibi Mountain at back. The Yangjiaping-based campus is featured by the quaint complex with green clay roof tiles. Though located in buzzy commercial center, the campus keeps a tranquil atmosphere with Tech Building standing erect in pursuit of innovative breakthroughs. With the elegant campus landscape that blends perfectly the complex with mountain and water, CQUT is awarded the first prize of Excellence in Planning & Design by Ministry of Education and is also listed as the “Top Ten Garden Institutes of Chongqing”. 

The university is committed to fostering character and civil virtue in education. Currently CQUT offers master degrees with 45 academic master programs and 15 professional master programs, including10 key disciplines at provincial/ministerial level, 2 first-class disciplines in Chongqing and 2 artificial intelligence + discipline cluster. There are 65 undergraduate programs with 1 program accredited by China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA), 4 first-class programs at national level and 6 at provincial level, 4 programs with distinctive features, 2 pilot programs and 5 discipline clusters with distinctive features. It now accommodates nearly 30,000 full-time students who study engineering, technology, liberal arts, management, economics, law and medicine programs. CQUT is honored as the Top 50 National Employment Universities, graduating over 100,000 professionals in different fields.

CQUT upholds the strategy of building its strength in talent. With 4 ministerial and provincial platforms, namely Chongqing pilot center for Talent Management Reform, Chongqing postdoc research station, Chongqing academician station and Chongqing station for introducing overseas intellectuals, the university is home to 238 excellent intellectuals who have been listed in China’s outstanding mid-aged experts, Chongqing Elites, Chongqing Liangjiang Scholars, Bayu Scholars and Chongqing One Hundred Elite Scheme of Overseas Talents. CQUT is awarded such titles as “Chongqing’s Advanced Institution for Chinese Students abroad” and “Provincial Advanced Institution for Talent Work”. 

CQUT has been constantly improving its scientific research capability. It offers 43 innovation platforms at ministerial/provincial level, including a collaborative innovation center jointly owned by Ministry of Education (MOE) and Chongqing, an MOE key laboratory, an MOE international joint research laboratory and an engineering research center. The university was one of the first centers approved by MOE for commercialization of technological research results and technology transfer, and member of national collaborative innovation center - Chongqing Self-owned Brand Automobile Collaborative Center, presiding over the establishment of “Chongqing Research Institute for Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing and Testing Technology”, one of the first 5 high-end R&D institutes. In recent years, CQUT has obtained funds from over 1300 resources such as National “863” High-New Tech Project, Natural Science Fund of China, Social Science Fund of China and major research projects of Chongqing. More than 12,000 papers were published on periodicals and academic conferences both home and abroad, among which about 2200 were included in SCI, EI and ISTP. Some 300 monographs and teaching materials were published. CQUT has obtained 5 international patent licensing, 1000 open patents, 4 State Science and Technology Advancement Awards, 1 State Technological Innovation Award, 1 China Patent Gold Award and Excellence Award respectively and 147 awards at ministerial and provincial level, ranking 38th among all the universities Patent Awards.

CQUT has been dedicated to international cooperation. We have entered into extensive and in-depth partnerships with universities and institutions from over 20 countries and regions including USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Poland, Czech, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China Taiwan, in the forms of scientific research, faculty and students exchange and joint educational programs. Research centers for vehicle engineering, for instance have been co-established with University of Wisconsin-Madison and Purdue University respectively for the purpose of global automobile talents. It has constantly intensified efforts in CQUT-KAIST International Programs in pursuit of high-level IT talents production. Domestically, we have entered into partnerships with cities, districts and counties from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Sichuan and Chongqing, as well as strategic partnerships with Beijing University of Technology, Chongqing University, Sichuan International Studies University and etc. CQUT maintains close connections with China’s well-known industries like China General Technology (Group), Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd, Linfan Technology and Chongqing Machinery and Electronics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd to achieve collaborative innovation by universities, research institutes and industries. Eight decades of strenuous efforts have paid off. With continued commitments of generations of CQUTers, the university has gained remarkable progress in education with better education quality and greater social impacts.

Upholding the motto of Sincerely Carrying out the Good Virtues and Constantly Striving to be Self-improvement, Chongqing University of Technology will endeavor to build itself into a top applied research university with distinctive features in Western China.

There are double rooms and four rooms for international students in Chongqing University of Technology. The room is equipped with water heater, air conditioning, and a special bathroom. Single bed and desk. There is a common kitchen on each floor. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven and induction cooker.Double Room: 2,400 yuan/person/year.

Four-bed room: 1,200 yuan/person/year
Double Room: 2,400 yuan/person/year

1. Application Time?:

Applicants who enroll in September each year must submit their applications between February and May of the year. Applicants who enroll in March each year must submit their applications between September and December of the previous year.
2.Application Materials
1. Copy or Scanned Copy of Passport
2. “Application Form for International Students in Chongqing University of Technology”
3. “Application Form for International Student President Scholarship in Chongqing University of Technology” (applicable to students applying for International Student President Scholarship of CQUT)
4. The Copy of the Certificate of the Highest Degree and the Transcript; HSK Transcript or Evidentiary Materials for Chinese Level (not required for students applying for all-English class)
5. Proof of Non-criminal Record
6. Certificate of Bank Deposit
7. Evidentiary Materials for Guardians of International Students under the Age of 18. The materials include: proof of guardianship (those who have the authorized guardianship must have the power of attorney issued by the guardian), proof of guardian’s income and proof of guardian‘s identity.
Notes for Application Materials:
1. All materials must be true and effective.
2. All application materials should be named and compressed in the specified format and sent to the designated mailbox (The naming format is: name-country-content). The application materials should be clear and easy to read, the picture information in the materials is required to be clear, not reversed, and no handwritten materials are accepted.
3. If there are non-Chinese and English materials in the application materials, please send them after the notarization of Chinese embassies or consulates abroad.
4. If there is a need to stamp the official seal in the above materials, it is necessary to stamp a valid official seal on the material issuing unit, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid information.
5. The bank deposit certificate shall not be less than 20,000 yuan.
6. Foreign students who are under the age of 18 and whose parents are not resident in China must have Chinese guardians or foreigners who have long lived in China.
3.Application and Admission Procedure:
(1)Submission of Application Materials:
The application materials can be mailed to the following address or sent to the email address:
Address: Management Division for International Teachers and Students, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Chongqing University of Technology, No. 69, Hongguang Avenue, Ba’nan District, Chongqing, China
Postcode: 400054
Tel: (023) 62563253
2. Review of Application Materials: CQUT will verify the authenticity of the application materials and the applicant’s qualifications. Once the fraud is found, the application will not be accepted.
3. On-campus Assessment: CQUT conducts assessments on the applicant’s academic performance, academic achievements, economic ability, academic background, and language proficiency, and determines the list of candidates to be admitted.
4. Publicity of the Proposed Admission List: CQUT will publicize the list of students to be admitted according to the regulations.
5. Approval of Higher Authority: CQUT presents the list of students to be admitted to the higher authority for approval.
6. Dispatch of Admission Notice : After the approval, CQUT will mail the “Admission Notice of Chongqing University of Technology” and “Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China” (referred to as JW202) to the applicant.
4.Enrollment and Registration
According to the set time specified in “Admission Notice of Chongqing University of Technology”, the applicant shall come to enroll and register with the “Admission Notice of Chongqing University of Technology”, “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” and “Application Form for Foreigners Studying in China” (referred to as JW202). 

一、Relevant Fees
1.Registration Fee: RMB 400 yuan/person
Full-time Postgraduate: 2000 yuan/person/year
Undergraduate: 13000 yuan/person/year
Language Student:
Long-term Student (above 12 months): 12000 yuan/person/year
Short-term Student (under 3 months): 2400 yuan/person/month
3. Accommodation Fee:
Double Room: 2,400 yuan/person/year
Four-bed room: 1,200 yuan/person/year
4.Insurance Fee:800 yuan/person/year
5.A Set of Bedding 300 yuan/person
6.Residence Permit: 400 yuan/person/year
7.Apartment Deposit: 200 yuan/person
8.Medical Checkup: 200 yuan/person
二、 Scholarship
CQUT has the “Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship” and “President Scholarship of Chongqing University of Technology”. Please refer to the tables below for the specific scholarship standards. The final implementation is subject to the officially issued documents.
 1.Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship
Senior Scholar:35,000 (RMB/year/person)
Master’s Degree Candidate & General Scholar:30,000 (RMB/year/person)
Bachelor’s Degree Candidate:25,000 (RMB/year/person)
Senior Scholar:20,000 (RMB/year/person)
Master’s Degree Candidate & General Scholar:15,000 (RMB/year/person)
Bachelor’s Degree Candidate:10,000 (RMB/year/person)
Chinese Language Student:8,000 (RMB/year/person)
高级进修生 35000元/年/人
硕士研究生及普通进修生 30000元/年/人
本科生 25000元/年/人
高级进修生 20000元/年/人
硕士研究生及普通进修生 15000元/年/人
本科生 10000元/年/人
汉语进修生 8000元/年/人
 2.President Scholarship of Chongqing University of Technology
Postgraduate Scholarships
First-class 20,000 (RMB/Year/Person)
Second-class:10,000 (RMB/Year/Person)
Undergraduate Scholarships
First-class 13,000 (RMB/Year/Person)
Second-class:6,500 (RMB/Year/Person)
Chinese Language Scholarships
First-class 12,000 (RMB/Year/Person)
Second-class:6,000 (RMB/Year/Person)
一等奖学金 20000元/年/人
二等奖学金 10000元/年/人
一等奖学金 13000元/年/人
二等奖学金 6500元/年/人
一等奖学金 12000元人民币/年/人
二等奖学金 6000元人民币/年/人

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
Campus Life of CQUT重理工校园生活
1、Entertainment Facilities:

CQUT has an internationally standardized football stadium and swimming pool, a multi-functional gymnasium with a capacity of about 1,500 people, taekwondo halls, aerobics studios, outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, table tennis courts, etc.

2、Student Associations:

CQUT has more than 40 student associations, including 6 for social welfare, 9 for humanities and social sciences, 10 for entertainment and art, 15 for sports competition and 3 for others. There are China’s Traditional Culture Study Association for the purpose of learning, communicating and promoting traditional culture, Inheritance Association of “Chinese Knot” Folk Culture, Dragon-Lion Association, Calligraphy and Painting Association, Computer Association for science and technology innovation, RM Robotics Association, Green Angel Environmental Protection Association for public welfare, Volunteer Club and other associations. Each year, there are more than 600 events organized by the associations, and the number of members is more than 17,000, covering 61% of the students. 

3、Colorful Extracurricular Life:

CQUT has a rich and colorful campus culture life, such as Youth Culture and Art Festival, Quality Skills Competition, Campus Singer Competition, “Youth Cup” Football Competition, “CQUT Cup” Basketball Competition, Student Association Culture Festival, Girls Culture Festival, “Pioneering Cup” Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, Youth Volunteer Service Activity and so forth. Various extracurricular science and technology and cultural activities  have become an important stage for CQUT students to show their talents, exercise their abilities and improve their quality.