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Guangdong University of Finance(广东金融学院)

Guangdong University of Finance

International Students Recruitment


Guangdong University of Finance (GDUF) is located in the city of Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton, now ranking side by side with Beijing and Shanghai as one of the three most economically dynamic and flourishing cities in China.

    With a population of over seventeen million people from parts of China and all over the world, Guangzhou demonstrates diversities in culture, ethnic and religion due to its economic vitality and inclusiveness. Various kinds of food and lifestyle, multi-cultural life experiences and dynamic employment market have turned Guangzhou a preferable choice for international students to further their study.
    As the hub of politics, economy, finance, trade, and education in South China, Guangzhou is also a bustling port, from which it takes half an hour to Hong Kong and Macao by high-speed train, or 4-5 hours to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok , or Jakarta by air. The port of Guangzhou ranks as the fifth largest in the world in handling capacity, with over 200 shipping lines to 350 ports of 80 countries; its airport operates more than 130 airlines, providing over 1000 flights to 207 destinations all over the world ever yday; the land transportation system of Guangzhou is composed of  advanced subways, expressways and high-speed rails, forming a network connecting the outside world.

    Featuring a temperate marine monsoon climate, the weather in Guangzhou is relatively moderate with the annual average temperatures between 20 and 22℃. The city is green with flowers blooming all year around and thus is known as “City of Flowers”.

Introduction of GDUF

   As a public university, GDUF is one of the top 3 Chinese financial institutions, specializing in finance, accounting, insurance and trading. It has cultivated more than 160,000 professionals in the fields of economy and finance, which makes GDUF "cradle of professionals in finance and economics". It is widely known for the Monetary and Finance Museum, which is the largest of its kind in China, with a collection of 35,000 articles of world currency at various times. The library includes over two million printed books, over one million e-books and thousands of original edition academic journals. Besides, GDUF has as many as 50 specialist laboratories and language teaching centers.
   The total number of full-time students (undergraduates and post-graduates) has exceeded 22,000. We have 944 full-time teachers, including 379 professors and associate professors, and 224 doctoral degree holders, with a large number of scholars from the educational, business and political circles engaged.

    GDUF, consisting of 4 colleges and 14 departments, provides 38 undergraduate majors, 45 finance-related major orientations, covering 6 discipline categories, namely Economics, Management, Law, Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering. Finance in our university is the state-level specialty and a key discipline in Guangdong Province, with the other 4 disciplines, namely Insurance, Labor and Social Security and Marketing, being province-level. Our Credit Administration is the only one of its kind in southern China.

International Education

    The international cooperation programs are developing constantly. By adopting joint training modes like 2+2, 3+1, 3+2, GDUF provides mutually recognized credits and courses, grants mutually recognized or joint degrees with partner universities globally, providing further study opportunities for degree and certificate education for students and teacher s . We have signed cooperation agreements with over 40 famous universities around the world.

    Since 2013, Guangdong - Nottingham Advanced Finance Institute has been established under the cooperation framework agreement signed by GDUF and the University of Nottingham, aiming at cultivating high-end financial talents in South China, promoting financial innovation and contributing to the establishment of a financial powerhouse of Guangdong in China. GDUF targets to become the pace-setter of application-oriented finance institutions.

  College of International Programs (CIP) is an educational division of GDUF, in charge of operation of international exchange programs, the enrollment and administration of overseas students, international joint programs and international student programs. CIP provides more than 30 degree majors for international students. Besides, we also offer preparatory courses for international students who have no basic Chinese language ability, as well as multilevel Chinese language training programs.


Degree Programs

(一) Programs

The degree programs have a duration of 4 years, with a 2-year extension at most.

All the following 38 programs are available for overseas students.

Highly recommended are the two:International Economy and Trade, Business English. We provide English courses for

these two degree programs.

Department of Finance


Public Finance


Financial Engineering

Department of Accounting



Financial Management

Department of Insurance


Department of International Economics and Trade

International Economy and Trade


Economy and Finance

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration


Logistics Management

Economics Statistics

Hotel Management


Department of Labor Economics and Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Science of Labor Relationship

Labor and Social Security

Applied Psychology

Department of Internet Banking and Information Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Electronic Commerce

Foreign Languages Department


Business English


Department of Business Media

Chinese Language and Literature

Internet and New Media

Applied Mathematics Department

Finance Mathematics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science

Applied Statistics


Department of Public Administration

Public Administration

Public Ser vice Administration

Social Work


Department of Credit Management

Credit Management

Asset Evaluation


Department of International Education

Finance (2+2 international program)

Accounting (2+2 international program)

Finance (innovation experimental program)

Accounting (innovation experimental program)


(二)Courses Arrangements

The first two years (Language Training) :Elementary and Intermediate Chinese, Listening, Speaking, Extensive Reading, Applied Writing, Chinese Language and Culture, Advanced Chinese, Advanced Chinese Speaking, Elementary Writing, etc.

The last two years (Specialized Courses)


Courses: Finance, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Management, Statistics, Economic Law, Financial Accounting, International Finance, International Trade, International Settlement, Operation of Commercial Banks, Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance and other selective courses.


Courses: Accounting, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law, Finance and Accounting, Tax Law and Tax Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Management Accounting, Information Systems of Accounting, Budget Accounting, Financial Analysis and other selective courses.

3、International Economics and Trade:

Courses: Economics, Finance, Public Finance, Econometric, International Economics, International Trade, International Trade Practices, English of Foreign Trade Communication, Customs Practice, International Trade Services, International Trade Documents Practice, International Trade Settlement Training, International Business Communication, World Trade Organization, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law and other selective courses.

4、Chinese Language and Literature :

①Chinese Language and Culture :

Courses: Advanced Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Selected Chinese Reading, Educational Psychology and teaching skills. Upon graduation, students can engage in fields such as Chinese teaching, tourism, diplomacy, translation, journalism, etc.

②Business Chinese:

Courses: Advanced Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Secretary Chinese Writing, Public Relation, and International Trading, the courses cultivate Chinese language skills and professional skills in secretary, management, public relations, program planning, and business activities.

5、Business Management :

Accounting, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law, Financial Management, Economics, Organizational Behavior, The Modern Enterprise System, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Production and Operation Management and other selective courses.

(三)Graduation qualification and Degree Awarded

Graduates will be awarded with bachelor degree if the followings are met:

(1)Attaining all the compulsory credits;

(2)Thesis approved;

(3)Obtain HSK 4.


Registration fee:CNY400

School tuition:CNY18,000 / year

Accommodation charge:CNY8,000 / year

Offering 2-bed room, 2 or 3 rooms in an appartment

Contact us:

Office of International Student Service (OISS)

Tel: (0086)-20-37215299

董 越Marco Dong



王建强Wolff Wong        



Guangdong Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship, CNY 10,000, is offered to international students studying in Guangdong Province.

1)Scholarship for registered international students

2)Scholarship for coming to Guangdong Province for education

3)Scholarship for international students from “The Belt and Road” countries and areas


Materials to prepare:

Applicants should bring the following materials to the Office of International Student Service for registration:

original of your passport(for the school register)

3 copies of your passport's photo page (1 for OISS, 1 for residence permit, 1 for visa)

3 copies of your passport's valid residence permit page( 1 for OISS, 1 for residence permit, 1 for visa)

5 copies of bareheaded recent photos(3 for OISS, 1 for residence permit, 1 for visa) 2 copies of your JW202 (1 for OISS)

original of GDUF's admission (for the school register)

original of non crime certification(for the school register)

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)