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Chongqing Technology and Business University(重庆工商大学)

Located in Chongqing, China’s largest municipality, Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU) is a multi-disciplinary university that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. courses, mainly in economics, management, arts, literature, engineering, law and science.

The university covers a total area of 450 acres. The main campus of CTBU is located on Xuefu Avenue in Nan’an District of Chongqing, close to the Yangtze River at the foot of Nanshan Mountain.The Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone is also close by. The beautifully landscaped campus benefits from convenient transport and telecommunications facilities. CTBU has another sub-campus, which is located in Jiangbei District.

CTBU has a strong faculty, with over 2300 professors, teachers and support staff. More than 600 are associate and full professors, among whom 23 are recipients of the Special State Council Allowance. More than 30,000 students are currently studying at CTBU.

The university consists of 18 schools that offer Ph.D. program in Applied Economics, 8 master’s degrees programs in catergory disciplines in regional economics, business management, environmental engineering, accounting, statistics, industrial economics, ideological and political education, and media, as well as 71 bachelor’s degrees. In addition, the university has two Sino-foreign joint ventures including the International Business School and Modern International Design and Arts Academy. The other two financially-independent schools are Pass School and Rongzhi School. Currently three provincial-level (municipal-level) key branches of learning and 15 provincial-level (municipal-level) key courses are offered at CTBU.

On the campus eleven national and provincial/ministerial level research institutes have been set up, including “Research Center of the Economy of the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River”, “Engineering Research Center for Waste Oil Recovery Technology and Equipment, Ministry of Education” and “Chongqing Key Lab of E-Business and Supply Chain System”. In recent years, CTBU has undertaken over 3,000 research projects of various types at different levels and won provincial/ministerial awards for over 100 projects. 221 national patents have been granted.

CTBU attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchange. It has established ties with more than 50 foreign universities and organizations in 17 countries and regions. Joint-degree programs of bachelors and masters have been initiated together with over ten well-known foreign universities including University of Lincoln in UK and Université Toulouse 1 in France and HEC Montreal in Canada. The first ACCA program in Chongqing and CIMA program are offered and CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst) and ISM(International Settlements Master) programs are in operation.

Welcome to CTBU! Contact us and discover more about what CTBU has to offer! 


Located in the heart of Southern-Yangtze-Bank University Zone, CTBU enjoys very convenient public transport. From the main gate of CTBU you can go to airport, train station, major business areas and shopping centers in Chongqing via light-rail train,buses or taxi. As the only municipality in western part of China, Chongqing is a modern city with a strong flavor of traditional Chinese culture. The fast development of the city has brought a lot of convenience and pleasure to the residents. The light-rail network connects all the districts of Chongqing and Line No. 3 runs at the gate of CTBU. Museums, Grand Opera House, shopping malls, stadiums and gourmet restaurants make the leisure life and entertainment very interesting and exciting. You would also be able to enjoy various outdoor activities. Chongqing has many historic sites to visit as well as scenic mountains and you can enjoy a river cruise on the Yangtse River. There are also many beautiful parks where you can relax.

CTBU provides International Student Apartments on the campus. If you have accommodation on the campus it is easy to get to know your fellow students who come from many other countries. The campus provides a good environment and pleasant atmosphere where you can both live and study. Each apartment accommodates two students with separate bedroom, and a shared sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. The apartment is equipped with airconditioners, microwave oven, refrigerator and induction cookers. You will also have facilities such as TV lounge, wifi and gym. Laundry and clothes drying services are available at very low price. Near the International Student Apartments are canteens, grocery shops and printing rooms. Students can choose from a range of different Chinese and Western food in the 5 canteens on the campus. Very close to the campus you will find supermarkets, post offices and banks which will make your life easy. 

Suggested Living Cost

Accommodation: RMB 2, 500 per semester (18 weeks, water and electricity not included)

Water: RMB 3.5 per ton

Electricity: RMB 0.52 per kilowatt

Internet: RMB 50 per month

Meals: approximately RMB 30 a day (eating in university canteen)   

Transportation:  Light-Rail to the Chongqing railway station: RMB 4

              Light-Rail to the nearest shopping mall: RMB 2

              Light-Rail to the airport: RMB 7

              Buses: RMB2 throughout the city

             Taxi: Fare starts at RMB 10, with RMB 1.8 added for each km after the first 3 km.

- Visit our website at http://ctbu.at0086.cn/student

- Choose the program you want to apply for and fill out the application online;

- Upload all the required documents.


CTBU admission office will review your application and decide whether to offer you admission. If you are admitted to CTBU, you will receive offer from CTBU. Confirm your acceptance to our offer by paying refistration fee, CTBUwill send all the necessary documents to enable you to apply for a Chinese visa. 



Registration Fee

Annual Tuition Fee 







Chinese  Language


1 semester

1 year



  Fees are subject to change upon government approval, and fees above do not include books, insurance, accommodation, etc..  


CTBU helps outstanding students apply for the Chongqing Mayor’s Scholarship. Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor’s Scholarship grants scholarships from 8,000 RMB to 30,000 RMB per year to outstanding international students taking a Chinese Language program, or any bachelor’s degree or master’s degree program. The application deadline is March 30th in the year of entry. Please refer to http://en.ctbu.edu.cn/?action-viewnews-itemid-98 


CTBU offers the President's Scholarship to excellent international students. The President’s Scholarship awards from 3,000 RMB to 20,000 RMB per year to excellent international students taking a Chinese Language program, or any bachelr’s or master’s degree program. The application deadline is June 30th for the fall semester and December 30th for the spring semester. Please refer to http://en.ctbu.edu.cn/?action-viewnews-itemid-99 

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Student Testimonials  

From my studies at CTBU I learned many things, and many of the things I learned could be put into practice during my time in China, much about the culture and the way business is done could be seen every day, and the workings of the economy could be seen through my internships, along with everyday people on the street. My most interesting class was taught by a fellow Englishman, macroeconomics lessons were always highly informative and very interesting. I learned a great deal through my internships and studying whilst here in CTBU. 

Ryan Kelly (United Kingdom) 



I am very delighted to know you and to have the chance to learn Chinese in CTBU. I am always asked “Is it difficult to learn Chinese?” I answer, “Very difficult.” When I first got to China, I can only say “Ni hao”(Hello), “Xie xie”(Thank you), “Zai jian”(Goodbye). Now almost one year has passed, I still think that it is very difficult to learn Chinese. However, I am quite interested in learning Chinese, and teachers, classmates and my Chinese friends here are all very helpful to me, so that I can learn Chinese better and better.

Thank you very much!

If I have the chance to visit China again, I must come to visit you.           


Jiraya Meemana( Thailand)


Wow! Thank you very much for the great time here. I had the best time of my life so far I really enjoyed the country, the culture and life at CTBU. In Holland the language classes are not my favorite. But in China I really enjoyed the Chinese language classes! At the university I was so happy to join the Olympic Games. My Chinese teacher just asked me: “what souvenirs will you take home?” I will take home a really good life experience. In China I also learned that ‘a smile’ is very important.

   Thank you all!


                                                   Rutger Fransen (The Netherlands)


I can not fully express how grateful I am to all of you for your hard work and support this semester. You have been incredible! Travelling across the world to study in an unfamiliar country for such a long time is a heavy burden for any student, yet you all make it such a simple and pleasant process!

I have made some fantastic friends during my time at CTBU, learned many valuable lessens to take with me into the future and perhaps most importantly, discouraged for myself the incredible city of Chongqing and all it has to offer!

I will always have fond memories of eating hotpot, visiting the epic DaZu Carvings walking along the bustling CiQi Kou and being dazzled by the bright lights of Nanping and Jie Fang Bei.

My time here has been the greatest of my life so far! And I still was not able to see everything China has to offer, So I’ll see you all soon!

With my warmest regards and sincerest thanks! 我爱重庆!我爱重庆工商大学!


Alexander Ben Westerman(United Kingdom)


From to the enormous support of the International Office, to the remarkable hospitality of the students and the picturesque views on campus, there is no other explanation that I could offer as to why I enjoy being an international student at CTBU. I’m grateful to be apart of CTBU.


                                             Arianne Kaitlyn Phillip (United States)


I’m so happy to be in CTBU. They take care of foreigner students very well. They’re always focused on solving our problems and make us feel very comfortable. Beside the hospitality and the service, CTBU also appreciates my talent and encourage me to develop my skills. This is the exact place to establish your ability in education, socialization and network.


                                                  Fidelia (Indonesia)


A warm smile is what you’re always going to get from CQ people. All this makes me feel like I’m part of the community, society and above all, it makes me feel like part of a bigger FAMILY.

All this gives me a feeling of royalty, a great sense of appreciation, love and belonging.

In conclusion I should say, coming to China was the best as well as the boldest move I’ve ever made in my life so far. I’m glad I’m here and I enjoy every moment of my stay, I cherish and appreciate every crack of dawn. All in all, I just want to say I LOOOOOOVE CHONGQING and my study in CTBU has always been an opportunity for growth and I want to salute and express my sincere gratitude to the CTBU staff and students, thank you for making us want to recommend you to others to come to your school.


                                             Joshua Ikhutseng (Botswana)