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Jiaying university(嘉应学院)

Jiaying College is a full-time public provincial undergraduate university in Guangdong province. It is located in Meizhou, Guangdong province, a famous historical and cultural city in China. Meizhou, known as the world Hakka, is the most representative Hakka settlement in the world. It is also marshal Ye Jianying's hometown and the old Revolutionary Base Soviet area. In addition, Meizhou also enjoys the reputation of “Homeland of culture”, “Homeland of overseas Chinese” and “Homeland of football”. At present, Jiaying University has nearly 28, 000 full-time students and nearly 11, 000 part-time students. Currently the University offers 59 undergraduate majors in 19 schools and 2 teaching departments (Meizhou Normal University and Medical College, which fall into 11 disciplines, such as arts, sciences, engineering, law and medicine.)  Jiaying University covers an area of more than 1,200,000 square meters (or 120 hectares) with a construction area of 619,800 square meters, has excellent surroundings and advanced facilities, which is an ideal place to thirst for knowledge.

——It has a long history and distinctives style. The predecessor of Jiaying university is Meixian Women's Normal School established in 1913 which has a history of running a school for 107 years. Jiaying University has the features of being rooted in the Hakka homeland, serving mountainous areas and promoting Hakka culture.

——Strengthening morality education, passing the torch. The university adheres to the motto of "Diligence, Honesty, Self-education and Self-cultivation". The university insists on educating people with literacy and morality, developing an education system that will foster students with an all-round moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding, in addition to a hard-working spirit.

——Introducing and educating simultaneously, strengthening teachers’ team . The school insists on both introduction and education, speeding up to advance high-quality development. At present, Jiaying University has a staff of more than 1,700 teachers. And 268 famous experts and scholars from home and abroad have been recruited as honorary professors, which formed a team of teachers with good quality, professional skills, reasonable structure, innovative vitality.

——Leading innovation, enhancing connotation. The university uses innovation as engine to enhance connotation and stimulate power for sustainable development. At present, the university has one dominant key discipline of Guangdong Province, four characteristic key disciplines of Guangdong Province, three key construction disciplines of "Strengthening and strengthening" promotion plan of Guangdong Province and more than 20 provincial-level teaching and research platforms.

——Gathering force to accelerate, serving the city. The university takes root in Meizhou to run a university and serve the local economic and social development. University established "Teacher Education Development Center" to expand and strengthen basic teacher education and training in Northeast Guangdong. In additions, university gives full play to the advantages of football (industry) colleges and actively serves Meizhou to create a special football zone.

——Spreading the culture, assuming the mission. With the mission of spreading culture and creating characteristics of developing in cultural heritage, the university has established the Hakka Research Institute (including Merchants Research Institute) and the university of Hakka, set up the "Hakka Culture Study Base".

——International cooperation, open school running. The university adheres to open education and continues to consolidate and develop joint forces in open cooperation. It obtained the "Provincial Indian Ocean Maritime Silk Road Academic Research Center", in response to the initiative of national " the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)", and has been in-depth strengthening of international exchanges and cooperation with universities in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, neighboring countries in the Indian Ocean, Europe and America. At present, the school has carried out exchanges and cooperation with more than 20 colleges and universities abroad.

——Forging ahead with one heart, carrying on the past. After a hundred years of wind and rain road, the university forge ahead in a new era. The school focuses on improving the level of connotation construction, improving the quality of application-oriented talent training, and strives to greatly enhance the comprehensive strength of the school within three to five years, and strives to achieve the goal of "applying for a master's degree".

Based on the spirit of never slackness and the spirit of indomitable will, the university will create a new situation of high-quality development and make efforts to become a "high-level application-oriented university in the forefront of similar universities in China"!

(The data above is as of October 2020)


International Students

Admission Information

Jiaying University, located in Meizhou, Guangdong, China, is a public provincial undergraduate university. It was established in 1913. The University is thus named because Meizhou City was known as Jiaying City in the Qing Dynasty. Meizhou is a famous historic city, the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying, which has been given the titles of "China's excellent tourism city" , "The Hakka Capital" , "China' s city with the strongest sense of safety" , "Homeland of culture” , “Homeland of football “ and "Homeland of overseas Chinese” .

Jiaying University has become renowned today for its good facilities and excellent academic environment. The University is famous for being the home of Overseas Chinese and Hakka culture, enjoying a beautiful environment and abundant Hakka Culture resources. Moreover, the university has produced much distinguished achievement and prestige. The university has a strong teaching faculty. Among them, some teachers have been sent to universities abroad to teach Chinese? This is clearly indicative that studying at Jiaying University is the ideal choice for international students.

 Jiaying University has been enrolling international students since 1998. It has educated international students both Chinese language learning students and undergraduate students from Indonesia, Thailand, Cameroon, USA, Canada, UK, Mauritius, Reunion and other countries and regions. 

Jiaying University offers opportunities for international students who choose to take Undergraduate Programmes, Chinese language courses and the Hakka Dialect & Culture courses. Jiaying University provides accommodation on campus. We warmly welcome you to join us. Please contact us:

Add: International Office, Jiaying University, Meisong Road, Meizhou (514015), Guangdong, P. R. China

Tel: 0086-753-2186108 2186196

Fax: 0086-753-2363398

E-mail: jyufao@126.com


Enrollment Majors and Duration of Courses





Chinese Language

Chinese Language

Learning period is unlimited

Phonetics Letter, Conversation, Speaking ,Reading


Hakka  Culture

Hakka Culture

Hakka Dialect, Hakka Culture


Undergraduate Programmes

59 majors such

as Chinese

Language and Literature, Business Management, Law

Four years

Courses bases

on the majors


Requirement for admission

All applicants should be in good health and aged 18 years or above.


1.  Tuition Fees

(1 ) Chinese Language Courses

1200 Yuan RMB per month;

6000 Yuan RMB per term;

12000 Yuan RMB per Academic year

(2 ) Undergraduate Programmes

14000 Yuan RMB per academic year

(Arts students);

15000 Yuan RMB per academic year

(Science students);

20000 Yuan RMB per academic year

(Fine Arts students)

2.  Accommodation Fees

Standard twin-bedded room in International Student Dormitory: 7500 Yuan RMB for room per year.







Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)