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Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College(江苏食品药品职业技术学院)

Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College (JFPC) is a state prestigious vocational college under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. We are on the list of National 100 Outstanding Higher Vocational Colleges for full-time education in China, regarded as the cradle of the talents in the food and pharmacy industries. We have established a reputation for world-class teaching and pracitcal training in its specialist area, and also have developed into a multidisciplinary college with strong interdisciplinary backgoround of finance, culinary and hosipitality etc.
From JFPC founding in 1960, the College has been taking the student-ori-ented education philosophy. We run the College with clear characteristics, with open and cooperative mind to fulfill smart education worldwide. We are dedicated to equip our students with cross-cultural awareness, skills and core-competencies for the global marketplace.


Diploma/Associate Programs for International Students

Food Processing Technology (食品加工技术)

The Program offers courses including principles of food processing, Food analysis, Food microbiology, Food production technology, (bread, pastry production technology, western-style meat products production technology, Chinese style meat products production technology, Yoghurt, Ice cream production technology, Fruits and vegetables protein beverage production technology), Management of food production, Food production process design, Food safety and quality control.

Pharmacy (药学)

The program is a great start if you want to be a pharmacy professional. The program is designed to develop students with good professional skills, scientific literacy, humanistic literacy and medical culture, enable students to master the basic knowledge and skills of medicine, drug adjustment, pharmaceutical services, pharmacology and medication safety guidance, drug production and quality control, etc. 3 years of study leads to career options as pharmacy technicians, sales representatives, clinical pharmacists or research assistants in medical service agencies, community health centers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, etc.

International Trade (国际经济与贸易)

The program is designed to educate students to master the knowledge of the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. The students will be trained with the communication skills worldwide and learn the regulations and practices of international trade and be able to work in companies dealing with international trade and business management.

Registration Time: Specified in the admission letter

Instruction Language: English/Chinese

Study Duration: 1 year preparatory course + 3 years

First year mainly focuses on preparatory course, second and third year, mainly focuses on academic learning, and fourth year, mainly focuses on professional skills training and practice. Courses and graduation thesis be qualified for graduation, the Diploma of JFPC with Chinese and English version will be delivered to the graduates.

Chinese Language Programs for international students

the program is based on the contents of HSK test and combined with various Chinese cultural experiences, which will help sutdents understand Chinese and culture better and be prepared for further study.

Enrollment: Each class will start on a minimum of 10 students

Study Duration: One Year Chinese Courses


Charging Items Fees Remark Column
Tuition Pharmacy 6200 RMB/Year Students could apply for the scholarships.
Food Processing Technology 5300 RMB/Year
International Trade 4700 RMB/Year
Chinese Language Program 1000RMB/Year Online Course
Accommodation 1200 RMB/Year 2 students share one dormitory room
Bedding 600 RMB Optional
Books & Supplies 800 RMB/Year  
Physical Check 300RMB/Time Subject to the governmental organizer
Residence Permit 400 RMB/Time
Insurance 600 RMB/Year
Notes 1. The first year on-line and off-line preparatory courses are free from tution fee for diploma students.
2. No scholarship is availabe for all students for the first year preparatory study.

Scholarship Types Values of Scholarship Quota
Jiangsu Government Scholarship
(Evaluated during study at JFPC)
Partial Scholarship: 10000RMB Subject to Jiangsu Government
JFPC President Scholarship Exempt from half tution fee
 For all diploma students
SIE Excellence Scholarship
(Evaluated during study at JFPC)
Special Award 5000RMB For 10% of all diploma students
First Award  3000RMB For 40% of all diploma students
Second Award  2000RMB For 40% of all diploma students

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 Food Processing Technology 2021-03-17 2021-08-30 2021-09-20 English 5300 Apply
2 Pharmacy 2021-03-17 2021-08-30 2021-09-20 Chinese 6200 Apply
3 International Trade 2021-03-17 2021-08-30 2021-09-20 English 4700 Apply
4 Chinese Language 2021-03-17 2021-08-30 2021-09-20 English 4500 Apply