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Jining University(济宁学院)

Brief Introduction to Jining University

Jining University,founded in 1951 and formerly known as Jining Teacher’s College, was approved by the Ministry of Education to be a provincial full-time undergraduate institution of higher education in March, 2007. The main campus is located in Qufu, Shandong, China, a famous historical city in the world as well as the birthplace of Confucius,one of the greatest thinkers and educators in the world. On the South of Qufu lies the birthplace of Mencius, a great Saint in Chinese history and to the west is the Jing-hang Grand Canal, the longest one in the world. The profound Confucius’ and Mencius’ culture, together with the ancient Grand Canal culture has greatly promoted the development of Jining University.

For almost 70 years,Jining university has been taking root in this extraordinary cultural deposit, forming its unique characteristics with the school motto being “rich in knowledge, tenacious of purpose, kind in personality, conscientious in action”. It has produced a good many qualified graduates and made great contributions to the social development and economic construction.

At present, the university consists of 20 departments, including 73 majors, (20 undergraduate programs and 23 junior college programs), covering 9 academic disciplines: literature, history, law, education, economics, science, engineering, management, and art. It has formed a relatively successful pattern with a complete range of disciplines, reasonable structure, distinguishing features, harmonious development in art, science and engineering, and co-existence of teacher’s and non-teacher’s education.

The campus of Jining University covers an area of about 114 hectares and the total building area reaches about 554,900 square meters. The Library has a collection of more than 1.84 million volumes, more than 1200 Chinese and foreign journals, and 1.65 million e-journals. The instruments and equipments for teaching and research is worth more than130 million RMB. Currently, the university has 1165 faculty and staff members 79 professors and 326 associate professors. The number of full-time students is more than 20000.

The university has always adhered to reform and innovation, deepened internal reform, and now established a dynamic and efficient management system and operation mechanism. Persisting in the principle of people-first and moral education, the university has implemented moral education with Confucian culture as the main content and got remarkable achievement in moral education.  It has always been open in running schools, attached great importance to foreign cooperation and exchanges, constantly enhanced the vitality of running schools, and now has established friendly relations with colleges and universities in the United States, Britain, Russia, , South Korea ,Thailand, Philippines and the like.





Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens holding valid foreign passports. Besides, applicants should be healthy, have good behaviors, and have no criminal records. Applicants must abide by the law in China and regulations of the university and respect Chinese customs and habits.

(二) 提交材料 application materials

(1) 济宁学院外国留学生申请表;

Application Form for International Student of Jining University;

(2) 护照、成绩单、最后学历的复印件(复印件须公证)和其他相关证书复印件;

Scanned Copy of passport, secondary school transcript and official certificate of the highest education, together with other relevant certificates.

(3) 《外国人体格检查记录》: 可从网上下载。申请人须按照《外国人体格检查记录》做一次彻底的身体检查,该记录必须标明检查日期、有医生签名和留学生本人照片,并需要官方盖章

Physical Examination Record for Foreigners: the Applicant is requested to have a thorough physical check-up in accordance with the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, which should be dated, with the doctor’s signature and with the applicant’s photo attached to it, and officially sealed.

 (4) 6张白底照片(护照照片,48mm*33mm);

Six passport photos with white background (48mm*33mm);

(5) 公安机关出具的无犯罪记录证明;

Certificate of Non-criminal Record issued by the police station.


Resume. It should include the personal basic information, education, work record, etc.

 (7) 申请者的监护人保证书:监护人的姓名、国籍、职业和地址(如果监护人是一个组织,应明确标出该组织的相关信息);

Letter of guarantee by the applicant’s guardian. It should include the guardian’s his /her name, nationality, occupation and address (if an organization acts as the guardian, Information about  the organization should be made clear.)



Jining University has set up “President Scholarship” "and "Excellent International Students Scholarship" for International Students. Scholarships are awarded to undergraduates, advanced students and preparatory students who have completed at least 1 academic year。

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Duration of Study
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