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Zhejiang Conservatory of Music(浙江音乐学院)

Study at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM) in Hangzhou, China!

ZJCM is located near two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the West Lake, lined with pagodas, temples and gardens, and the Grand Canal, the longest and oldest canal in the world. It is a publicly-funded institution approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

The Conservatory offers a wide range of music and arts teaching for talented students from China and beyond. Programmes range widely from composition, conducting, vocal, instruments, to music technology, drama studies, and dance performance. ZJCM houses 12 academic departments and 4 professional performing ensembles.

ZJCM is committed to artistic excellence as a leading music education institution. A strong faculty led by a group of professors and performing artists is always ready to help students achieve their fullest potential. The campus is picturesque and is home to state-of-the-art facilities including 9 concert halls, 102 rehearsal halls, 842 practice rooms and 6 top-notch recording studios.

ZJCM strives to engage with the global community and build a strong bond with conservatories, arts organizations, institutions and businesses across the world.

Welcome to ZJCM!


ZJCM offers student dorms, in which two students will typically share a room. Double room price: 3200 RMB/Year/Person, electricity and water fees borne by users.

The campus also includes two canteens where students can find a variety of delicious and healthy food.

2021 Admissions for International Students (Undergraduate Studies)

1. Study Fields

       Majors                                                           Departments          Length of Schooling (years)

1) Music Performance  -Bel Canto                     Vocal and Opera                        5
                                     -Folk Singing  

2) Music Performance (Piano)                                   Piano                                   4

3) Music Performance (bamboo flute,
suona, sheng, Chinese percussion
instruments, erhu, banhu, guzheng,                
Chinese Instruments                           4
yangqin, guqin, pipa, liuqin, ruan,
cello (for Chinese music ensemble),
double bass (for Chinese music
ensemble), sanxian, konghou)                                      

4) Music Performance(violin, viola,
cello, double bass, harp, flute,
clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet,                  Orchestral Instruments                 4
horn, trombone, tuba, percussion

5) Music Performance(pop singing,
pop piano, electronic organ, accordion,            Pop Music                                4
saxophone, jazz drum, classical guitar,
pop guitar, bass guitar)                                    

6) Musicology (Music Theory)                             Musicology                            5

7) Composition                                       Composition and Conducting            5

8) Dance Performance  -Chinese Dance              Dance                                    4
                                     - Ballet  

2. Requirements

1) Applicants must be aged 18 or above, with good health condition. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, hold foreign passports and do not live in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan.
2) Applicants must abide by the Chinese constitution and laws.
3) Applicants must have attained a senior high school diploma or above.
4) Applicants must have a solid foundation of music skills and knowledge and can demonstrate necessary qualifications.
5) Language requirements: a score of 180 of Level 3 in the new HSK or above.
6) Holding non-Chinese passports or relevant nationality certificates for at least 4 years, with at least two years of actual overseas residence record in the last four years by the end of April 30 of 2021 (nine-month actual residence in foreign countries within one year can be calculated as one year, subject to the entry and exit date records).

3. Application Arrangement(Applicants choose ONE of the following two ways)
I. Mail DVD of Audition Repertoires (Only applicable to applicants of music performance and dance performance.)
1) Application
- Email the following documents to the International Office before May 29, 2021.
① Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Application Form for International Students (Annex I)
② Scanned copy of certified high school diploma/certificate and transcript
③ Scanned passport (with personal details)
④ One electronic photo (without hat, 25mmX35mm)
⑤ Scanned copy of HSK certificate
⑥ Scanned copy of Health Certificate
Email address: admission@zjcm.edu.cn
When to apply: March 12, 2021 – May 29, 2021.
- Record the audition repertoires in DVD and mail to the International Office. Please make sure the DVD should reach the International Office no later than May 29, 2020.
Mailing address: No. 1 Zheyin Rd, Zhuantang, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China.
                           International Office
                          Room 602, Administration Building
                          Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
                          Postcode: 310024
2) Application fee: Applicants need to pay 180 RMB application fee through bank transfer before May 29, 2021. Application fees paid are non-refundable. Please mark the payment as ‘2021 International Students Application Fee’. Bank information is as follows:
Payee: Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Account Number: 7331 0101 8260 0261 129  
Bank Name: China CITIC Bank (Hangzhou Branch)
Address: No. 9 Jiefang East Road, Hangzhou, China
3) Audition: ZJCM will organize experts to evaluate the DVD recordings from the applicants.

Ⅱ Audition in Person (Applicable to all applicants.)
1) Application
? Applicants should fill in the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Application Form For International Students (Annex I) and send it to International Office by email before February 29, 2021.
Email Address: admission@zjcm.edu.cn
2) Verifying Information in Person
Time: March 10, 2021 from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm
Location: No. 1 Zheyin Rd, Zhuantang, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China.
Documents required:
① Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Application Form For International Students
② Copy of certified high school diploma/certificate and transcript (original copy for verification)
③ Copy of Passport (original copy for verification)
④ Four photos (25mmX35mm)
⑤ Copy of HSK certificate (original for verification)
⑥ Health Certificate
Note: Applicants who fail to verify the application information in person will result in disqualification of their applications.
3) Application Fee:  Applicants need to pay 180 RMB application fee when coming to verify information. Application fees paid are non-refundable. Accommodation and transportation fees are borne by applicants for the audition.
4) Audition
Time: March 11– 12, 2021
Location: No. 1 Zheyin Rd, Zhuantang, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China.
        Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Note: For details of the audition schedule, please refer to the admission permit given during information verification.


4. Enrollment Procedure
1) Upon verification of the application documents, applicants who pass the audition and satisfy the Chinese language requirements will receive an admission notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).
2) International students should apply for visa at the Embassy/Consulate of People’s Republic of China with their admission notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).
3) Newly-admitted students should register and pay the tuition at Zhejiang Conservatory of Music on the date specified in the admission notice.
4) Length of Schooling: 4 or 5 years
5) Tuition: 20000 RMB per school year
6) Admitted students are supposed to use their own instruments (except Piano). Under exceptional circumstances, students can submit their applications for borrowing instruments from the Conservatory.

5. Contact Address
No.1 Zheyin Road, Zhuantang, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China
International Office of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Postcode: 310024
International Office
Tel: +86-571-89808098
Email: admission@zjcm.edu.cn

Tuition: 20000 RMB per school year.

University scholarship and provincial government scholarship are available for qualified students.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)