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Yunnan Vocational College Of Transportation(云南交通运输职业学院)

The Profile of Yunnan Vocational College of Transportation

The College was established in 1953 and it covers 108.4 hectares (including Baiyukou campus which covers 27.9 hectares). At present, there are more than 12,000 students in the college, including 60 international students from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Bangladesh, radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia. The college boasts complete teaching facilities and beautiful campus. It serves and supports the construction of Yunnan’s transportation power demonstration zone and “beautiful transportation”. It has successively set up 11 schools, such as automobiles, highways, shipping, aviation, smart transportation, public services and management, Marxism, and international schools, including the department of continuing education, sports, and Basic Education, thus forming a comprehensive transportation professional group with applied technology as the main body.

The college adheres to the mission of “Seeking truth; Making innovation; Being Accessible to the World” and the motto of “Rich in Knowledge; Tenacious of Purpose; Adept in Skills and Practice”.The college prides itself on the combination of production and teaching, college-enterprise cooperation, combination of learning with working, and the unity of knowing and doing, and builds “junior college with high skills” technical skill talent training mode with “two certifications”, so it has become the applied technology-oriented higher vocational college involving vocational education, social training and skill identification with industry-university-research coordinated development. The college has set up General Motors, BMW and other Automobile Training Center (with a total of 27), Master Sheet Spraying Training Center of Southwest and Southeast Asia, XCMG Road Machinery Training Center of Southwest and Southeast Asia, Jingdong East China college-Enterprise Cooperation Base, and a large number of college-enterprise cooperation training bases such as Shanghai Taihua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.. Moreover, it has built up comprehensive cooperation with a total number of more than 260 enterprises to cultivate high-quality technical talents.


Living conditions:

1. The college offers four-bed rooms for international students. All rooms are equipped with Internet, desks, chairs, closets and a bathroom with shower facilities.

2. The college canteens are well managed which provide various foods with reasonable charges .

Notice For Application

Ⅰ. Category

 Yunnan Vocational College of Transportation is a Postsecondary Specialized College.

   Ⅱ. Qualification

  Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens, who have senior high school graduation certificates and good health, conduct with a criminal clearance certificate, who are willing to abide by China's laws and regulations and YVCT's rules.

 Ⅲ.Time and Method

 Applicants should submit their documents to Email: ynvct_guohechu@163.com before July 31 every year.

 IV. Documents

1.The Admission Application Form

2. Information page of Passport

3.Notarized copy of highest diploma obtained  

4.Notarized copy of academic transcript

5.Foreign Physical Examination Form

6. Recent ID photo (white background)

V. Contact Information

Address: No.8 Ninghu West Road, Anning,Kunming,Yunnan ,China
Tel: +86-871-68672195  
Fax : +86-871-68674308

Website: http://www.ynvct.com

Email: ynvct_guohechu@163.com


Tuition Fee: 10,000 RMB/ year
Accommodation fee: 1200 RMB/ year


Application requirements: Foreign students with a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications are in good health, and between 18 to 35 years old.

Amount:  10,000 yuan / year tuition fee and 1200 yuan / year accommodation fee.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)