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Changchun Finance College(长春金融高等专科学校)

Changchun Finance College is situated at the south end of Renmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province, close to the scenic South Lake. CFC has the same origin with Northeastern Banking College, the first finance college established by the Communist Party of China in 1946. It inherits from Jilin Finance College built in 1960. The headquarter of the People’s Bank of China was rebuilt based on Jilin Finance College and founded an internal university for the staff from Jilin Branch of the People’s Bank of China in 1983, which was upgraded as Changchun Finance Junior College and was renamed as Changchun Finance College in 1992. It has been run by the central and local governments together since 2000. CFC mixed financial talent cultivation, finance industry training, financial technology innovation, financial culture inheriting and innovating, being contemporary finance vocational education service base and the main channel of talent supplying for financial service in Jilin Province.

There are over 7000 current students at CFC. It has 10 teaching sectors. Schools are of Finance, Accounting, Economic Management, Information Technology, International Education, Entrepreneurship Education, Marxism, Continuing Education and Departments are of General Knowledge and Physical Education. 48 majors have been set such as financial management, investment and money management, international finance, corporate financial management, accounting, asset appraisal and management, E-Commerce, marketing, logistics management, computer application technology, big data technology and application, cloud computing technology and application. CFC was one of the colleges that first made the finance major available and that provided the widest range of disciplines.Teachers with both teaching and occupational qualities account for 67.69% of the full-time teachers. The faculty is composed of highly educated full-time and part-time teachers with proper position-age structure and good quality. CFC is committed to skilled financial talent cultivation, characterized by supporting the financial field. It cooperates with many banks and businesses, establishing over one hundred off-campus practice bases and 26 professional laboratories, which forms an on-campus training base covered by majors such as banking, security, insurance, e-commerce, etc. so that comprehensively promotes the talent cultivation mode — cooperation between colleges and businesses, and a blend of education and industry. CFC has established the bases firstly available in China, and Jilin key research bases for humanities and social sciences, such as Jilin Province Financial Culture Research Center, Jilin Province Science and Technology Center for Financial Research, Jilin Province Financial Security Research Center, Museum of Northeast Asian Finance, achieving fruitful results in science and research and gradually becoming a think tank for the development of financial industry in Jilin.   

The finance education of CFC is unique and the management is socially recognized by earning honors like Jilin Labor Day Award, Jilin Advanced Organization of Spiritual Civilization Construction, Jilin Organization of Civilization. With wide influence on national and provincial education, CFC was taken in as the Honorary Director of China Financial Education Development Foundation, member of National Financial Industry Teaching and Instructive Committee of the Ministry of Education, Executive Director of the vocational education branch of China Association of Higher Education, Vice Chief Director of China Financial Museum Alliance, Executive Chief Director of Jilin Financial Association and Jilin Political and Economic Association. CFC is one of demonstration colleges in the field of deepened reform of innovation and entrepreneurship at a provincial and national level, one of the first-batch pilot colleges of modern apprenticeship in vocational education and the pilot colleges of 1+X certificate system approved by the Ministry of Education, the pilot colleges of provincial vocational education, the pilot college of Jilin provincial three-aspects-educational comprehensive reform, the first Excellent College Award holder of "Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent College Award" in Jilin, Jilin Vocational Education Demonstrative Practice and Training Base for Highly Skilled Innovative Logistics Talents, one of the founders of Jilin Financial Industry Teaching Instructive Committee, Jilin Demonstrative Practical Base of Vocational Education, Vice Chief Director of Jilin Education Alliance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship among universities and colleges, Secretary-General of the Social Sciences Journal Research Institute of Jilin Higher Education Providers. Journal of Changchun Finance College was rated as Excellent Journal of Social Sciences among national higher education providers and as first-level journal in Jilin.

Due to the high quality of enrolled students and wide recognition of talent cultivation, the admissions have been reaching new levels for three consecutive years. The acceptance scores, the rate of admission by first preference and the rate of enrollment remains the first in succession among colleges of the same kind in Jilin Province. The acceptance scores of finance and accounting majors are similar to those of secondary-level universities; the requirement of other majors is also above that of tertiary-level universities. The first-time employment rate of graduates has been above 90% for three continuous years. The employers have been 98% satisfied with the graduates. Over 50% students have been employed in financial industry and the admission rate of upgraded degree from college to university has reached 50%, ranking the highest in Jilin Province. It has been nearly 40 years since the college was rebuilt. CFC has educated almost 40,000 excellent graduates nationwide and has trained over 50,000 employees in the financial industry. More than 1500 alumni work as directors of financial institutions and presidents of banks or above, and over 5000 alumni are financial senior managers. In Jilin Province, more than 50% of the alumni work as middle or higher level managers at the People’s Bank of China, Bureaus of Banking Regulatory Commission and various financial institutions above prefecture level. 

With its motto “Integrity, Studiousness, Realism and Innovation”, CFC adheres to the teaching concept of “Science, Democracy, Pragmatism and Truth”, developing itself internally and externally. CFC people work together to make it into a more competitive vocational finance college with distinctive financial features and higher school-running ability in the regional cooperation in Northeast Asia.

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