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Changsha University(长沙学院)

Founded in 1983, Changsha University (CCSU) is a unique comprehensive institution affiliated with Changsha Municipal Government. The campus, situated to the Hongshan Ancient Temple at the Kaifu district of Changsha, enjoys a favorable geographical location and convenient access to all destinations. Endowed with charming natural landscapes, it has become an ideal choice for academic study and research.

The University consists of 15 departments, offering 43 full-time undergraduate degree programs. Up to now, a comprehensive multi-discipline network, under the structure of engineering, management guiding and science, humanities, law coordinating, has shaped for its strategic development.

The campus now covers a total area of 1,320,000 square meters with building area of 330,000 square meters. The value of instruments and equipment for research and teaching has totaled to 17,150 Yuan ( RMB ). Over 1,350,000 volumes are collected in its library. Now the beautiful campus has been filled with clusters of modern and elegant constructions, ranging from academic buildings, library, laboratory, standard stadium, building of science and technology, and well-equipped student residential facilities.

Changsha University enjoys good reputation for outstanding research facilities and high qualifying teachers and scholars with extensive research interests and profound knowledge. So far, the university has 1019 faculties and staff with 768 full-time faculties, of whom 102 are seniors, 203 are doctors. 4 experts enjoying special allowance from the State Government. 2 national candidates for the New Century Millions of Talent Project, 3 candidates for New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education, 4 candidates for Provincial New Century 121 Talents Project, 1 object of Hunan Provincial Young Social and Scientific Study Talents Project, 2 Hunan Provincial Distinguished Teachers, 3 Hunan Provincial Excellent Teachers, 10 Hunan Provincial Exemplary Teachers, 10 Provincial Education Experts, 2 were awarded the Teaching Dedication Prize.

The university attracts over 14,020 full-time students from 30 provinces ( autonomous regions or directly governed city region) across the nation. Changsha University is now a comprehensive and well-coordinated university with diversity in management, students and programs.

The university has committed to its mission to serve the need of economic development of Changsha and surrounding areas, and endow its students with initiatives and competence to make greater contribution for local economy and social development.

1. The Chinese language requirements for degree students:

For liberal arts, economic, trade and managerial studies, the score for the HSK(Chinese Proficiency Test) should be grade 6 or above, for science and technology studies, Grade 3 or above.

2. Non-degree students

College students who have finished 2 years’ study and want to take relevant courses in China, should be aged 55 or under.

Application Time and Tuition

The university practices a double-semester system. The first academic semester for undergraduate students begins in September and continues through the end of January. The duration of the spring semester if from the beginning of the March to the middle of July.

Short-term study: Application time—two months before registration.

Long-term study: Application time for spring semester is from September to December. Application time for fall semester is from March to June.

Tuition and Fees(¥ RMB)

1. One academic year

Tuition: ¥16,000.00

Registration Fee: ¥240.00

Textbooks: ¥800.00

2.Foreign Student Insurance(including Accident Insurance, Hospital Medical Insurance, and Death Insurance): ¥1,600.00/Year

3.Accomodation Fee (Electricity, water, gas, and telephone services are not included.)


¥1,000.00 should be paid as deposit when student moves in apartment.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)