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Guizhou Light Industry Technical College(贵州轻工职业技术学院)

Guizhou Light Industry Technical College was founded with the approval of The People’s Government of Guizhou Province in Feb, 2004, affiliated to Department of Education of Guizhou Province. The college is a comprehensive one of tertiary vocational and technical education on a full-time basis, also engaged in providing secondary vocational education and pre-or-post job training. It offers programs in engineering, IT, arts and crafts, economics and management, etc.

The predecessors of the college are the provincial-level key school-Guizhou No. 1 Secondary Vocational School of Light Industry and the national-level key school-Guizhou No. 2 Secondary Vocational School of Light Industry, which were founded in 1978 and 1979 respectively. Having gone through thirty years ’rain and shiny days, the spirit “Work hard in defiance of difficulties persistently” is deeply rooted in the college. The school motto “Be Well-cultivated and Excel in Virtue; Be Skillful and Thrive in Career” is distilled from the experience of running the college. By offering academic education, non-academic education and social training, etc, the college has trained and supplied nearly ten thousand of technical and managerial talents to society. Over 3000 cadres in their posts have received training offered by the college. The college has been making positive contribution to the development of light industry and the regional economy of the province.


Please apply through the official application system of China Scholarship Council: http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/.And enter the agency number of 13818 to study in Guizhou Light Industry Technical College. 

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