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Chaoshan Vocational and Technical College(潮汕职业技术学院)

Founded in August 1999, Chaoshan Vocational & Technical College ("College") is a regular institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education (Jiao Fa [1999] No. 128) and issues the diploma of national regular institutions of higher learning. In December 2006, the College was the first to pass the "Evaluation by the Ministry of Education of the Level of Nationwide Higher Vocational Colleges in their Talent Training Work". The College locates in Puning City of Guangdong Province, which is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese and a well-known city of commercial trade. The College is situated at the foot of Lotus Mountain. The site features a favorable geographical location and convenient traffic conditions, with Puning Station of Xiamen-Shenzhen HSR to the east, Chaoshan Airport to the north and the Lotus Mountain Park at the back.

There are 6 secondary schools inside the College, including School of Entrepreneurship, School of Information Engineering, School of Design Engineering, School of Accounting Finance, School of Economics & Management and School of Humanities. In order to deepen the integration of production and education, also improve students' practical ability, the College established Institute of Cross-Border E-Commerce, Institute of Logistic Industry and Institute of Clothing Industry to meet the requirements of different industries. The facilities and amenities include Chaoshan Cultural Research Center, VR Modeling Center, Food and Drug Testing Laboratory, High-End Clothes Customization Studio and Maker Space, providing sufficient training and practice conditions for students to fully stimulate their creativity and innovation.

In its nearly 20 years of existence, the College has delivered batch after batch of outstanding graduates to the society. In the undergraduate skill competitions held by the state and Guangdong Province, the student teams of our Department of Economics & Management and School of Business Starting won the first prize time and again. While maintaining a high employment rate, the College has improved employment quality year after year, which is highly commended by all circles. Through explorations, innovations and daring changes, the College has developed a style of its own and made glorious achievements in e-commerce entrepreneurship education. The increasing brand popularity of the College has drawn a stream of visitors from the governments at all levels, enterprises, public institutions, universities and media. Now the College is marching toward the goal of creating a "College famous for Entrepreneurship and Employment".

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