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Suzhou Industrial Park Institute Of Services Outsourcing(苏州工业园区服务外包职业学院)

Initiated in May, 2008, and established in 2010, Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Services Outsourcing (SISO) is a fulltime public higher education institute funded by Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC). Located in the Innovation Industrial Park of Dushu Lake, SISO has completed its 424 mu campus with 220,000 square meter floor spaces.
There are seven departments: School of Information Engineering, School of Biology Science &Technology, School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Business & Finance Management, School of Finance Science&Technology, School of Digital Arts. with a well-structured team of teaching faculty, composed of engineers with industry back ground, talents from abroad and foreign teachers. Among them, over 96% are Master or Doctorate Degree holders with international vision, profound practical skills and research abilities. There are nearly 300 faculty members and 5,500 students.
With the education philosophy of “Practical education serving industries”, SISO offers about 30 programs to tailor education to the needs of industry.
SISO endeavors to create an education system of incorporating government, institutes and enterprises. It has been accredited Suzhou Service Outsourcing Talents Training Base and Jiangsu Province International Service Outsourcing Training Center, and in 2010, Suzhou Services Outsourcing Talents Training Center. In 2013, the Software Technology Training Base of SISO was accredited the Vocational Education Training Base funded by central government budget.
In 2014, SISO fully satisfied Jiangsu Provincial Vocational Higher Education Appraisal with its quality management and high academic standard. In 2015, SISO was made by the Education Bureau and the Financial Bureau as the Exemplary Vocational College in Jiangsu Province, and in 2019, SISO became the youngest Provincial Exemplary College, which launched the school onto the higher development track towards “China’s first and best service outsourcing college with extensive international connections.”


Four-bed room with toilet, air conditioner, bookshelves, desks and chairs and access to internet provided for the international student of certification education. 1600 RMB/year/person.

Requirements for Admission
1.SISO is open to any healthy non-Chinese citizen, who is ready to abide by the laws and decrees in the People’s Republic of China and to honor Chinese cultures and etiquette and to observe regulations of the institute.
2.Those who hope to complete the associate-degree programs for diplomas are required to have finished their senior high school studies or have received equivalent education, and preferably to have some English or/and Chinese background. English and Chinese Language Training programs are offered in SISO.
3.SISO adopts the two-semester system, the first semester from September to January the following year, and the second from February to July. Applicants can fill in the “Application Form for International Students Admission to Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Service Outsourcing ", and apply for admission within the specified time. Applications for non-degree studies and internships are not subject to the application time limit.

Application Materials and Procedures
1.Fill in the form of Overseas Student Application to SISO in either English or Chinese.
2.A photocopy of the highest graduation diploma of the applicant is requested for registration. In case of the diploma in the language other than English or Chinese, a notarized English or Chinese version is requested.
3.Both original and photocopy of the completed “Physical Examination Records for Foreigners” are requested.

Website: http://www.siso.edu.cn/   
Address:School of International Studies, Suzhou Industrial Park Industrial Park of Services Outsourcing, No.99 Ruoshui Road, Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province,PR China,  215123.


Associate Degree(Business Management Program taught in Chinese )
Tuition fee:10000RMB/year
System:   3 years
The Course system:Comprehensive Chinese;Cross-cultural business communication; Marketing and planning training.

Full scholarship: include free registration fee, free tuition fee, and free accommodation fee.



Qualification Rewarded:
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Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
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