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Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce(苏州经贸职业技术学院)

Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce (SITC) is a full-time public higher vocational school accredited by Jiangsu Education Department. Our history began in 2003 with the merger of two national key technical secondary schools, Jiangsu Silk School and Jiangsu Suzhou Commercial School. Now we have grown into a large family of 10,083 students and 535 staff members. With our campus spanning roughly 135 acres and our constructions covering more than 64 acres, we offer our students with well-equipped facilities, for instance, buildings designed for 9 sub-schools including the School of E-Commerce and Logistics and the School of Information Technology. As an educational institution aiming to serve local, regional and national communities with professional competencies and knowledge, we live our motto "Virtue and Skills" as we move forward. And moving forward, we are determined to develop ourselves into an industry led, nationally recognized and internationally renowned institution, and, to back smart enterprises and their services with our well-educated students and distinguished faculty. Our ultimate goal is to help promote the country's high-quality development in a new era, for which we will grow on a solid foundation, raise the bar for ourselves and strive constantly for excellence.      

We Place Emphasis on Smart Industry

SITC has set up a network of specialties focusing on smart equipment, smart factories and smart services for the purpose of meeting local industrial needs. Through our reforms directed at improving teaching skills, professional ethics and teacher performance, we have made significant achievements including 1 national educational resource repository, 2 professional service industry targeted majors and 3 training bases financially supported by the central government, 1 national excellent online open course, 5 pilot projects in support of the national "1 Plus X" certificate system, 18 national planning textbooks, 5 provincial key textbooks, 6 provincial high-level core majors, 2 provincial manufacturing training bases, and 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers. Furthermore, ten of our courses have been nominated for the provincial excellent online open course list. Our faculty members also have won dozens of awards over the years, including one grand prize, two first prizes and six second prizes of the Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award.

We Maintain a Distinguished Faculty

By implementing the national projects, the "Double Hundred" project and the "Seven Principles for Teachers" project, SITC is committed to a distinguished faculty of which over 90% possess "dual qualifications". We now have 353 full-time teachers, 31 faculty members with doctorate degrees, 148 with associate titles and above, and 30 with senior titles. With the efforts of our faculty, we successfully build 5 excellent faculty teams accredited by the province. Furthermore, we have 1 national excellent teacher, 2 provincial renowned teachers, 11 young and middle-aged technology leaders leading the provincial project known as the "333 High-Level Talent Education Project", 9 academic leaders leading the provincial project known as the "Qing Lan Project", 24 outstanding young backbone teachers, 2 industry professors, and 7 outstanding faculty members who have been listed in the Jiangsu Provincial IP Talent Pool.

We Integrate Vocational Education with Industry

SITC actively promotes the in-depth cooperation between sub-schools and local leading smart enterprises. We have developed a new school-company cooperation strategy of "pairing one class with one enterprise and pairing one major with certain enterprises". Now we have a 420k-square-meter vocational education zone named as the Suzhou Modern Service Industry Vocational Education Zone, which was awarded "Jiangsu Province Science-and-Technology Business Incubator" due to its significant achievements. In cooperation with leading enterprises such as JD.com Inc., we have also established 2 Provincial Vocational Education & Industry Training Bases, offering over 390 training and job opportunities for our students. To further expand our strategy of education-industry integration, we have established the Lafine Women's Fashion School jointly with Suzhou Huasha Fashion Co. Ltd. and the SITC-Etern Smart Factory Industry Institute jointly with Jiangsu Etern Co., Ltd. And with the support of Etern, we have also started the SITC-Etern Bangladesh College to further promote the Belt and Road Initiative worldwide.

 We Believe in Technology and Innovation

We have cultivated a culture of innovation by offering students with accessible platforms, faculty, projects and opportunities to practice. We also provide adults with training courses, enterprises with service recourses, and the society with public benefit activities. We now have 3 provincial R&D centers and 3 city-level R&D centers. Over the past three years, we have launched more than 10 R&D projects recognized by the provincial authority as well as 292 projects by the municipal authority. Also we have published 153 articles in core journals. We always encourage our faculty members to take an active participation in technical development, transfer, consulting and services. Throughout the years, we have been authorized to use 135 intellectual properties (51 patents of invention and 50 utility models) and 34 pieces of software. We have also been awarded the honorable title of "Advanced Educational Institution of Jiangsu Province in Intellectual Property Development and Management".

We Value Both Academic and Moral Education

Upholding the principle of "Students First", SITC always encourages our students to use their knowledge in ways that will benefit the modern society, to live a better life with assiduous efforts, and to create a better future by making contributions to the country. To help our students with their studies and future career, we have launched the "433 Incentive Plan". Over the past three years, our students have won a great number of awards in competitions, including 2 top prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize of the National Vocational Student Skills Competition, and beyond that, 6 top prizes, 20 second prizes and 29 third prizes of the Jiangsu Province Vocational Student Skills Competition. We are also proud of our students whose graduation projects/theses have won 3 provincial-level top prizes and 3 outstanding prizes for their excellent teamwork. Thanks to our practical career preparation strategies, we successfully maintain high enrollment numbers. Our average yield for the past three years is 94%, and our average employment rate of graduates goes up to 97%. Nearly 25% of our graduates successfully went upwards from vocational diploma programs to bachelor's degree programs. With our belief in innovation and entrepreneurship, we successfully supported our students in winning the top prize of the 5th China College Students' "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (for Entrepreneurship category). We now have 69 student entrepreneurship teams, and the science & technology entrepreneurial park we provide for our students has been awarded the Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Model Base and the Provincial Demonstration Park for Youth Entrepreneurship.

SITC has grown over the years into an institution with recognized strengths in education. We are proud of more than 20 awards that we have won, e.g., the National Cultural Quality Education Base, Excellent Unit for the Talent Cultivation Level Assessment granted by MOE for vocational schools, Provincial Model Higher Vocational Institution, Running-by-Law Reform Pioneer, Civilized Unit of Jiangsu Province, Harmonious Higher Education Institution of Jiangsu Province, Model Safe Campus of Jiangsu Province, Advanced Vocational School of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province Advanced Educational Institution in Teaching, Advanced Higher Vocational School of Jiangsu Province in Ideological and Political Education, Provincial Advanced Educational Institution with Outstanding Graduates and High Employment Rate, Model Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of Jiangsu Province. We feel honored to be elected as one of the leaders of the provincial e-commerce vocational education union, and we are proud that in 2019 we were ranked as one of the Top 50 Influential Vocational Schools in the Asia-Pacific region.


Application Documents Required
1. Duly-filled“Application Forms for International Students”issued by Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce (recent photo required).
2. “Physical Examination Record for Foreigners” (recent photo required).
3. Copies of the applicant's latest certificate of education, academic records and notary certificates in English.
4. Copy of the applicant's passport.
5. Bareheaded photos in 2 inch (white background).
6. HSK certificate and relevant materials to prove your comprehensive ability, such as certificate of awards and recommendation letters are preferable for your application.

1. Tuition: 6000 Yuan RMB/Year
2. Accommodation: 1200 Yuan RMB/Year (equipped with bathroom)
3. Application Fee: 400 Yuan RMB
4. Other Fees: Physical Examination: 400 Yuan RMB Insurance: 600-800 Yuan RMB/ Year Textbooks: Around 500 Yuan RMB/ Year Residence Permit: 400 Yuan RMB/ Year Living Expenses and Study Materials

Fully-funded (Tuition): 6000 Yuan RMB/Year
Half-funded (Tuition): 3000 Yuan RMB/Year
Electricity: 60 KWH per month for free per capita
Cold Water: 6 Ton per month for free per capita
The excess part should be paid by students themselves

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 College-enterprise Copperation International Student Program 2021-01-12 2021-06-30 2021-09-16 Chinese 6000 Apply