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Tianjin College of Commerce(天津商务职业学院)

Brief Introduction of TCC

Tianjin College of Commerce (TCC) is a full-time vocational college of higher education approved by Tianjin Municipal Government and registered with the Ministry of Education, the People’s Republic of China. TCC was established in 1955, has followed its motto –In pursuit of Professional Competence and Business Integrity, having accumulated rich experience in vocational education with its own characteristics. TCC is on the first list of Model Vocational Colleges in Tianjin, cultivating  high quality talents for modern service industry.

With the total area of 500,000 square meters and the building area of 220,000 square meters, TCC boasts 3 campuses in Haihe Education Park, Hedong District and Hexi District.

 There are 8 secondary schools and 4 Teaching Department in TCC. Offering 40 majors which fall into 7 discipline categories, TCC has formed a professional system with distinctive characteristics of modern service industry.

There is a comparative good foundation of language teaching, a first-class teaching team of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, a large number of teachers who can bilingual teaching professional knowledge in Chinese and English.

TCC attaches great importance to foreign students education, responds positively to the policy of the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission on carrying out the foreign students education in China, and expands the enrollment channels of foreign students in China. The results of international exchanges are remarkable. TCC has established friendly and cooperative relationship with colleges and universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, France, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Belgium and other countries, and has carried out Sino-foreign cooperative majors, foreign students education, research and exchange, language training, credit recognition and other activities. At present, there are foreign students from more than ten countries studying Chinese, Chinese culture and professional knowledge in TCC. The international education level and international influence of the TCC are increasing year by year


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