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Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology(江苏建筑职业技术学院)

Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology (JSVIAT),as a provincial government public full-time school, is one of State-level Model Higher Vocational Institute. JSVIAT is located at Xuzhou, the central city in the Huaihai economic zone and one of the three metropolitan areas in Jiangsu Province.

Located at Quanshan District in Xuzhou, the college covers an area of 1200 mu (80 hectares) with a gross floor area of 400,000 square meters. JSVIAT has a comprehensive range of fields covering 14 secondary schools, namely, Architectural Construction, Architectural Decoration, Architectural Intelligence, Architectural Management, Transportation Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing, Information and Electronics Engineering, Art and Design, Economic Management, Marxism, General Courses, International Education, Continuing Education, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The school gathers almost 13,000 full-time students, and more than 9,800 registered students of continuing education. Based on the elegant campus environment, superior teaching facilities, and abundant cultural activities, so far, it has been awarded honorary titles of“Jiangsu civilized organization”, “Charming campus of National Vocational Colleges”,“Harmonious campus in Jiangsu Province”,“Safety and peaceful campus in Jiangsu Province”,“Garden-Style College in Jiangsu Province”,“The first batch of green universities in Xuzhou”,“Advanced organization of Ideological and political education in Jiangsu Province”. Noticeably, the college owns the core culture of military, coal and architecture, along with the educational cultural systems of corporation and schoolmate.

To promote the education internationalization and expand the channels for international communication and cooperation, JSVIAT has built cooperation relationship with 40 overseas higher institutions, such as South Lanarkshire College in the UK, Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland, Queensland University in Australia, University of Management and Economics in Cambodia, Technical College of Vientiane Province in Laos. Equipped with 4 Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Projects, JSVIAT also adopts “3+0”and “2+1” programs with top overseas universities, which has admitted more than 700 international students from 19 countries. In addition, JSVIAT is also provincial level unit of“Talents for Special Purpose”in Jiangsu ,the first batch of “China-ASEAN vocational colleges”and Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship. On one hand, the college encourages students to study abroad and there are about 218 students who have the experiences of studying abroad; on the other hand, the college encourages teachers to do the teaching jobs or do some cooperative study abroad and there are 530 teachers who have the experiences of overseas training in more than 20 countries and areas. Besides, JSVIAT has established 5 branch campuses in Laos and Cambodia, where a“China-Cambodia Culture and Language Research Center”is located. Chinese teachers are responsibly stationed for a long time to provide language and skill training for foreign teachers and students.

To provide better service for “the Belt and Road”overseas Chinese enterprises, we constantly promote the School-Enterprise Cooperation Programs. The number of graduates is 98 in 2020, and there are more than 9 students choose to upgrade from JSVIAT to other universities in China, and there are 11 students choose to continue studying abroad. Our cooperative overseas enterprises speak highly of the international students graduated from JSVIAT, there are more than 60 graduates enter the Top-500 China-invested enterprises to work, such as Conch Cement Co., Ltd in Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd in Cambodia, Bank of China Phnom penh Branch in Cambodia, Power Construction Corporation of China and all kinds of big logistics companies and so on. 











Accommodation: 2 students or 4 students live in a room of about 20㎡. Each room includes beddings, desks, closets, as well as the Internet, an air-conditioner, one refrigerator, one microwave, and a bathroom with shower. 

Accommodation Fee

3,000RMB/Y ( for 4 students)

4,000RMB/Y (for 2 students)

Be alternative

Enrollment students Category and Requirements

 Language Students (preparatory period)

Without degree or age limit, language students mainly study Chinese, the college established language classroom for Chinese learning. We also offer the core courses : Introduction to Chinese Characters, Chinese Reading, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Listening, Chinese Writing, Grammar and Chinese Literature. Also we offer some selective courses: HSK Tutorials, Introduction of China and Han Cultural Experience Series of Course, Rubbings-Making, Tai Chi, Chinese Movie course, Chinese Scene Training and so on. Try to improve students’ Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and focus on HSK4 teaching. The passing rate is 100%.

 The Summer Program- Han Dynasty Cultural Experience

Each summer holiday, we will have summer program, there are about 20 students in a class for two weeks, covering some courses, including Introduction to Chinese Character, Learn to Speak Chinese, Calligraphy Rubbings and Sachets Making, as well as theme lectures and cultural experiences etc. These courses have colorful contents in various forms, combining classroom lecturing, enterprises visiting and off-campus cultural study. All help international students access to the beauty of Chinese Characters instantly. Meanwhile the international students can experience the original and unique customs of Han culture. The orientation of the program is to attract more international students to love Chinese Culture and interests in learning about China, to mark a good beginning for us to tell well the stories about China.


 Degree or Diploma Students

Diploma students who have passed the HSK4 examination or got higher Chinese level with senior high school diploma can apply for this category. Students can go their major study with Chinese students together or have lessons in individual class. So far, there are two courses taught entirely in English, they are Warehouse Management Course and Architecture Mechanics Course. And Warehouse Management Course  was awarded as”the Provincial Excellent Courses Taught in English in Jiangsu Universities“.  Students who complete their major course requirements and graduation thesis will be issued their college diploma (in both Chinese and English).


Requirements for Application


 Requirements for Application

Language students


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and show friendly to China, and in good health, accord with the the health standards for foreign students made by Ministry of Education in China;

2. Comply with Chinese laws and school administrative regulations;

3. Applicants can communicate in English or Chinese languages. It will give priority to those who have pass HSK3 or above. 

4. Applicants are interested in Chinese language and want to understand Chinese culture, society and economy;

5. Applicants should be live independently and own good self-discipline and interpersonal skills;

6. Hold X1 or X2 visa or residence permit.

Degree  Students



1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and show friendly to China, and in good health, accord with the the health standards for foreign students made by Ministry of Education;

2. Comply with Chinese laws and school administrative regulations;

3. Applicants have graduated from high school or other similar education certificates, and have pass HSK4 ;

4. Applicants are interested in Chinese language and want to understand Chinese culture, society and economy;

5. Applicants should be live independently and own good self-discipline and interpersonal skills;

6. Entry by X1 visa.


Application steps:

Only qualified applicants can apply to study in JSVIAT, the application steps are as the followings:

Step1 : Applicant can send email to the mailbox studyinjsjzi@163.com to apply ;

Step2: Applicant should submit the following application documents to school by the mailbox studyinjsjzi@163.com

1. Student’s JSVIAT Application Form, Student Physical Examination Document ( applicant can download the two forms from the school website http://gjjlxy.jsviat.edu.cn/xzzq/list.htm, then fill in the forms to send back );

2. The applicant who is under 18 years old should submit Guardian’s Letter of Guarantee in China ;

3. The proof of family's income in recent one year;

4. Highest degree level transcript with English notarized document;

5. Highest academic certificate with English notarized document;

6. The scanning copy of the first page of passport;

7. The original copy of Certificate of Non-criminal Record;

8. 1 electronic photo;

9.The scanning copy of HSK Level Certificate or other certificates obtained.

Step3: After checking all the documents, the qualified applicants will receive the JSVIAT Admission Letter and JW202 within one month;

Step4: Applicant should apply for visa (X) from the Chinese embassy and get ready for entering, and inform schedule to school ;

Step5: According to schedule time of JSVIAT Admission Letter, applicants must register within the required time;

Step6: According to the study time in China, school will help applicant to apply for corresponding resident permit in China.  

 Admission Period:

1. Language students (preparatory period): admission period in March or September each year.

2. Degree or Diploma Students: admission period in March (the students who haven’t passed HSK4 ) or in September each year. 

Register Documents:

1. the original copy of JSVIAT Admission Letter;

2. the original and copy of passport;

3. the proof of family's income in recent one year

4. the original copy of Student Physical Examination Document;

5.  the original copy of Certificate of Non-criminal Record;

6.  the original copy of JW202;

7.  6 passport photos in white background

Enrollment Majors:

Refer to the Form of JSVIAT Enrollment Majors in 2021. 

Contact Information:

Admission Office( Room 111): Miss Xie & Miss Zhang

Email address:  studyinjsjzi@163.cominternationaloffice@jsjzi.edu.cn

Tel : +86-516-83996010,+86-516-83889190   

Fax: +86-516-83888547

School of International Education Website: http://gjjlxy.jsviat.edu.cn/  

JSVIAT Official Website: www.jsjzi.edu.cn

Address: No. 26, Xueyuan Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu, China. 

 Charging Fees:

Charge Item



Entry Fee

400 RMB

No refundable

Tuition Fee

12000 RMB /Y

Pay it when register

Accommodation Fee

3,000RMB/Y ( for 4 students)

4,000RMB/Y (for 2 students)

Be alternative

Textbooks Fee

600RMB/Y (Approximate)

Pay it according to the actual prices

Insurance Fee

600 RMB/Y

Every year

Physical Examination

400 RMB/Y

Every year

Residence Permit

400 RMB/Y

Every year

Water and Electricity

20 kilowatt hour/Month/Person ( for free) , the excess costs are borne by students


Special Tips:

1. If the applicants haven’t passed HSK4, they should pay for the tuition fee 12,000 RMB and accommodation fee 4,000 RMB for the preparatory course education.

2. Applicants must register within the required time. Upon the students arrival, JSVIAT will arrange a physical examination. Once the applicant receives the Physical qualification, JSVIAT will formalize the registration.

About Scholarship:



Scholarship Contents

Application website



Jiangsu Government  Scholarship



Jiangsu government scholarship policy

By selection and publicity in School of International Education


Diploma applicants


President Scholarship in JSVIAT



first year college tuition fee scholarship

Submit application documents and apply for it

             Pass HSK4


Academic Scholarship



Regulations of College Student Affairs Department


Academic College Faculties



Top 30% students


Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 Han Dynasty Cultural Experience 2021-05-15 2021-05-30 2021-07-01 Chinese 1750 Apply