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Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology(徐州工业职业技术学院)

★ Designated Institution for National Plan of High-level Vocational Colleges and Specialty Construction
★ Designated Institution for Jiangsu Provincial High-level Vocational College Construction
★ Top 50 Service Contribution Institutions of Higher Vocational Education in China
★ Top 50 International Influential Institutions of Higher Vocational Education in China
★ Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Unit of the Ministry of Education
★ National Base of College Practice, Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
★ National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School
★ Talent Training Demonstration Base, Jiangsu Province
★ Advanced Unit for Skill Competition, Jiangsu Province
★ Advanced Unit for Vocational Education, Jiangsu Province
★ Jiangsu Harmonious Campus
★ Exemplary College in Safe Campus Construction, Jiangsu Province
★ Comprehensive Competitiveness of Graduate Employment in Vocational Colleges: Top 10 for 3 Years (Mycos)
★ Governing Unit of National High-molecular Material (Rubber) Vocational and Technical Group

    Founded in 1964, Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology (hereinafter referred to as XZCIT) has grown into a high-level vocational institute with far-reaching influence. Standing near to the Huaihai Culture, Science and Technology Park, XZCIT is an ideal place for academic study.

    There are altogether 13 Departments, including the Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technology, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Industry and Commerce Management, School of International Education, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, and School of Continuing Education, to name just a few. We boast four national training bases and three provincial training bases (including one provincial regional training base and “technician training center” co-set up by our School and XCMG), and six provincial R&D centers and 35 municipal R&D centers (laboratories).
The School now encompasses 41 majors. The following ones are provided to international students, including computer application technology, polymer material engineering technology, international trade, architectural decoration engineering technology, mechanotronics technology, and drug production technology, etc..
    At present, we have approximately 500 international students from 24 countries, topping Jiangsu’s vocational colleges. We have also established perfect mechanisms for international students to further their studies. For instance, we have signed “3+2” top-up cooperation agreements with such well-known universities as Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, etc.
    Our School features a strong faculty. There are more than 240 professors, 240 associate professors, 41 doctors, a nationally outstanding teacher, a Huang Yanpei outstanding teacher, and six nationally famous teachers in the profession, a teacher sponsored by the six talents project, 23 excellent young backbone teachers in Jiangsu Province, five young academic leaders sponsored by Qinglan Project, and ten teachers trained by the third level of the “333” Project in Jiangsu Province. We also have a scientific and technological innovation team sponsored by the Qinglan Project, an excellent teaching team of Jiangsu Province, two excellent teaching teams of national petroleum and chemical industry. More than 85% of the teachers are double-qualified, and more than 200 part-time teachers from enterprises are engaged in teaching.

Applicants Requirements

1.High school graduates or equivalent education

2.Ability to learn and communicate in English;HSK-3 certificate or  Confucius Institute experience is preferred 

3.Good health, no disease

4.Age18-20 years old

5.No criminal record

6.Provide financial guarantee to cover expenses other than scholarships during study, including annual study, living and transportation costs in China of about RMB 15,000

7.Interested in learning Chinese and gaining an understanding of Chinese culture, society and economy.

Diploma Requirement:

   Within the prescribed number of years of the school, the international students complete the contents of the education and teaching plan, pass the grades, complete 138 credits, reach the school graduation requirements, and are allowed to graduate.

Documents required (via email)

1.Completed application form
2. Copy of the passport
3. Copies of graduation certificates from the last school attended or official schooling certificates from the current school attended
4. Passport photo

5. Bank deposit certificate.

6. Non criminal record certificate.

7. Physical Examination Record and blood test.

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E-mail: 1294099667@qq.com

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