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Changshu Institute of Technology(常熟理工学院)

Changshu Institute of Technology (CIT), a regional high-level university in Jiangsu province, is supervised by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Its origin could be traced back to 1958 and it was entitled the name of CIT in 2004. Located in Changshu, a city that has been officially founded for 1,500 years with a cultural inheritance of over 5,000 years. CIT has two campuses covering 300 acres. With 14 specialized schools, it has successfully developed a diverse integration of disciplines in the fields of Engineering, Science, Literature, Economics, Management, Education, Philosophy, and Arts.

Based on New Engineering Majors, CIT has brought in International Accreditation Courses from the cooperated universities abroad, pushing forward its own Engineering Education Accreditation, and training students to master international industry standards. Across our university, the Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, and Biological Engineering have passed the Engineering Education Accreditation by the Ministry of Education. In addition, Mechatronics Engineering has obtained professional certification from German AQAS; Electronic Information Engineering has been accredited by ECUK of UK; Robot Engineering and Materials Science has also been accredited by ABET of United States. 

Currently, the university has over 20,000 full-time undergraduate students and registered international students and over 6,000 continual education students. Among its nearly 1,350 staff, 1,000 are full-time faculty members, about 460 with doctorate degree, and about 590 with senior professional titles.

With over 60 years of development, the number of its alumni has reached over 100,000. Many of them are playing important roles in the fields of science and technology, education, politics, economics and culture, and achieved great accomplishments.

CIT has established friendly relationships with over 82 universities in USA, Germany, Japan, UK, Australia and other countries and regions. Approved by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, CIT has developed “3+1” and “3+1.5” dual-degree programs with foreign universities. In 2018, Jiangsu Education Department approved the “1.5+2+0.5 Sino-America dual-degree” program at CIT, and at the same year, CIT Board of Sino-American Studies as well as Jiangsu Association of Sino-American Universities was established at CIT.

The motto of CIT is “立本求真、日新致远”, which can be paraphrased as “Integrity, Verity, Strive and Thrive”. The spirit of CIT is “反对平庸、追求卓越、负重奋进、敢于超越”, which can be paraphrased as “Dare to Create New Horizons”.

In the future, CIT will adhere to its motto and spirit and devote itself to cultivating applied talents with Cross-cultural ability, Sustainable Learning ability and Global perspectives spreading knowledge, promoting culture and serving society.



Quadruple Room: 1800 RMB Per Person Per Year (2019/2020)


Step 1: visit CIT’s website to download “Admission Application Form for Foreign Students” and fill in the form in Chinese or English according to the requirements.


Step2: Submit the following application materials


Recently taken bareheaded photo with white background


Copy of passport (pages with personal information)


Certificate of highest diploma and transcript (submit translated versions in Chinese or English and get them notarized if the diploma and transcript are written in other languages)


If applicants are students or people in service, they should submit certificates provided by their school or workplace (submit translated versions in Chinese or English and get them notarized if certificates are written in other languages)


Certificates of Chinese language Level or Advanced Study (if any)


English level test score (applicants from non-English-speaking countries who apply for majors taught in English)


Step 3: School of International Cooperation will review the application materials and email letter of admission to qualified applicants within 10 working days.


Step 4: Successful applicants check the information on the letter of admission and remit 600 RMB application fee to CIT’s bank account before the deadline.


Step 5: Successful applicants scan the remittance receipt and email to international@cslg.edu.cn


Step 6: CIT will mail the original letter of admission, visa application form(JW202)and registration notice etc. to the address provided by applicants via EMS or DHL. Please check and find the materials enclosed.


Step 7: Successful applicants go to the Chinese Embassy in their countries and apply for visa for study in China (X1 visa) with the original letter of admission and “JW202” form.


Step 8: Successful applicants prepare to enter China and inform CIT of their arrival information.

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