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Qinghai Normal University(青海师范大学)

Introduction of Qinghai Normal University

lt was founded in 1956, and the existing west and north campuses of the city covers a total area of nearly 1500 acres. After 65 years of pioneering and enterprising efforts, the school has formed a complete education system with undergraduate education, postgraduate education, education for overseas students, adult education and vocational education as well.

The university covers the disciplines as philosophy, economics, law education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, art and 10 other categories. Overall, the Qinghai Normal University serves as a comprehensive provincial key university with multi-disciplinary coordinated development of teacher education, ethnic education and plateau regional characteristics as well.

The school vigorously promotes Nanyang Technological University, Colorado State University, Purdue University, Suncheon University, Idris University, Malaysia, etc. Through international cooperation the joint cultivation of students, mutual visits and exchanges among teachers, and cooperation and sharing of scientific research have been actively carried out to promote the quality of personnel training, the level of scientific research and the comprehensive strength of running schools.




Eligibility for Application

* Age-from18 to 45.

* In good health condition, in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.

* Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.

* Above high school degree

 Enrollment Type

1. Long term international students:

Foreign students registered to study Chinese for more than one year.

2. Short term international students:

Foreign students registered to study Chinese for half a year.

Major and Curriculum

According to the Chinese level of the overseas students, our school plans to recruit ordinary advanced students.Class teaching system as the main and individual teaching system as the auxiliary. 15weeks per semester, 10-12class hours per week. The teaching system is divided into the beginning class, the junior class, the intermediate class and the senior class.

Themaincoursesare:pronunciation,listening,reading,writing,grammar,Chinesehistory,Chineseculture ,translation and conversation.In addition to , the long-term and short-term students can also take other courses. For example: Chinese pronunciation correction, Chinese character recognition and writing, Chinese calligraphy, ancient Chinese, Chinese national instrumental music, HSK exam oriented training, Chinese Martial Arts and other elective courses.

Duration of Study

*The first semester: September 1 to December20

*The second semester: March 1 to July 10

Registration Time

*The first semester: September 1-September 7

*The second semester: March 1 - March 7


Enrollment type

Short term international students:(half year)

 Long term international students(one year)

Weekly class hours






Application fee: 600

Application Process

*Fill out application form for foreign students of Qinghai Normal University

*Fill out the JW202 form

*Personal resume

*health certificate

Application and Tuition Fee

When the applicant sends back the application form for admission of foreign students from Qinghai Normal University, he / she must wire transfer the application fee according to the requirements of the University. If the fee is not paid, the application procedure will not be accepted. And The tuition fee shall be paid within one week of registration.

Application Time

*Long term and short term international students:

The first semester: apply before May31 every year;

The second semester: apply before October 31 every year.

Contact Us

Address: international cooperation and exchange office, Qinghai Normal University, No.38, Haihu Avenue extension, Chengbei District, Xining City, Qinghai Province, China

Postal Code: 810000

Contact;Wang Lina

Tel.: + 86-971-6307640

Website: http:// www.qhnu.edu.cn

{C}E-{C}mail: linda197861@163.com.cn

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