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Hechi University (河池学院)

Hechi University (HCU) has over 60 years of history since its foundation in 1951. With the approval of Education Ministry of China and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, HCU was upgraded to a comprehensive undergraduate university in 2003.

The University is located in Yizhou City in the northwestern part of Guangxi Autonomous Region. Yizhou City, which has a long history of over 2,100 years and a rich cultural legacy, is set in a picturesque landscape with convenient transportation. HCU’s campus boasts of wonderful environment, being surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear water.

HCU has two adjacent campuses: the east and west. The total campus covers an area of over 40 hectares. The teaching and research equipment is worth more than 120 million yuan. Computer networks covers all over HCU.

HCU insists on taking social demand as orientation, trying hardly to improve quality education. Students’ societies are quite active. At present, there are more than 70 different societies and clubs for students. In recent 3 years, the students have earned over 500 awards in various national and provincial competitions. Undergraduates here enjoy a colorful campus life.

HCU has over 800 teaching and administrative staff. There are more than 600 members of the teaching faculty, of which about 200 are associate professors and professors. 78% of the academic staff hold a master’s or a doctor’s degree. There are over 14, 000 full-time students studying for either degrees or diplomas from 19 provinces of China.

The running-school ideology: Taking Teachers as the Foundation of School-Running and Taking Students as the Foundation of Education. HCU, at present, has 13 faculties, 50 majors, covering 9 disciplines, including economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineer, management and art.

We keep firmly to a featured scientific research road with the integration of production, teaching and research, primarily forming a scientific research pattern which is based on the minority nationality areas of the Red River Basin in the northwest of Guangxi, focuses on the development of Non- material cultural resources and featured natural resources and develops scientific research in tandem with serving local economic society.

HCU has established regular exchanges and cooperation with many universities and institutes abroad. In particular, HCU is working with a number of colleges and universities in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia with whom it is carrying out extensive academic exchanges and cooperation.




International Student Apartment

International students in all programs are assigned 4 students per dormitory room.

2000 Yuan/Year, per bed*

An air-conditioner; a washing machine; one bed with one desk.

*Accommodation fees may be adjusted. Bills of water and electricity are not included

Application Guide

Admissions Requirements: 

1. You must be at least 18 years old

2. Senior high school graduate or equivalent

3. IELTS: 6.0 or equivalent level (4-year programs only)

Admissions Documents: 

 1. Application form for overseas candidates to study in HCU (scanned (with signature) and soft file)  

 2. Passport (scanned)

 3. Health Report (the items listed & stamped by doctor and hospital one-year period)

 4. Photo (soft file 2 inches)

 5. International Students’ Personal Information Form (soft file)

 6. HSK Certificate (optional)

 7. No Criminal Record (scanned)

 8. Certificate & Transcripts for senior high school (scanned, degree candidates only)

 9. For transferring student, must provide the "Certificate of Enrollment" or "Certificate of Transfer" from the original school

 10. Certificate of deposit (6000 USD), two-year period.

Application deadline: June 30th, 2021

Contact with us by e-mail: hcxywsb@163.com. Online face to face interviews will be arranged for prospective candidates.

 Available Scholarships for Degree Program Participants

 President Scholarship 

Students who want to apply for a scholarship need to meet the following:

1.Completion of one year of study at HCU

2.GPA above 3.0

3.No illegal activities

   4. Abide by all country rules and regulations 

International Student Programs

With a history of over 60 years, HCU has over 14, 000 full-time students studying for both degrees and diplomas. Since its foundation in 1951, HCU has cultivated more than 100,000 talents for a variety of schools, governments and industries, etc.. Over the last 3 years, students have earned over 500 awards in various national and provincial competitions. With programs in economics, law, engineering, pedagogy, literature, history, science, management and art, HCU offers 50 majors for Chinese students and 2 programs for international students. Set in a picturesque landscape with convenient transportation, HCU is located in Yizhou, Guangxi, PRC, a city with a long history of over 2,100 years and a rich cultural legacy.


International programs available

Business English (Bachelor degree)

Chinese Language & Culture (one-year training program)

For more detailed program information, visit our website:



Business English (4-year Bachelor Degree) 

In Business English Program students will learn: 
Essential information on doing business in an international arena
Individual and corporate moral behavior
Knowledge necessary for mastery of successful business and managerial skills and responsibilities in the business industry

Instruction medium: English




Tuition fee





690 RMB/year

Residence permit


Registration fee & Performance insurance




Physical examination

350RMB/one-time fee


600RMB/one-time fee

Total Cost for First Year

8,140 RMB



Chinese Language & Culture (1-year training)

Designed for students who want to learn Chinese language and gain insight into Chinese culture, this program allows students to gain Chinese language proficiency rapidly in addition to a unique and rich experience in Chinese society, customs and colorful culture. With levels ranging from beginner to advanced, students will always find the appropriate levels of classes available.




Tuition fee



2000 RMB/person/year



Residence permit


Registration fee & Performance Insurance


Physical examination

350RMB/one-time fee


600RMB/one-time fee

Total Cost



International students in all programs should expect to prepare 500-1000RMB per month for personal living expenses outside the program cost.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 Chinese Language and Culture 2021-03-11 2021-06-30 2021-09-30 Chinese 7000 Apply
2 Business English 2021-03-11 2021-06-30 2021-09-30 English 5000 Apply