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Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology(北京服装学院)

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), founded in 1959, is China’s premiere educational facility associated with fashion, mainly specializing in art and technology. With defining characteristics, BIFT is a full-time higher education institution where art, technology, economics, management and other convergent disciplines can successfully interact. Now it is composed of School of Fashion and Engineering, School of Fashion Accessory and Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of Fashion Communication, School of Business, School of Information Engineering, School of Language and Culture, Academy of Fine Arts, Basic Education Department, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department, Graduate School, School of International Education and School of Continuing Education. There are 29 basic undergraduate specializations, 4 double-major specializations, 8 first-grade master disciplines and 2 master degree specialization and 1 special PhD Research Program on “Rescue, Heritage and Innovation of Chinese Traditional Costume Culture” in BIFT. The institute has 1 Beijing Key Construction First-grade Discipline, 3 Beijing Key Construction Second-grade disciplines and an Ethnic Costume Museum which is one of the top ten specialized museums in China.

Following the visionary administrative philosophy of “Seeking Truth and Innovation, Applying Theory to Practice”, BIFT forms the characteristics of specializing in fashion and integrating art with technology. BIFT sets up 13 academic institutions and municipal-level scientific institutions, establish BIFT PARK and makes great exemplary progress in the achievement transformation of fashion and design industry. Our institute actively serves the function of promoting economic and social development. BIFT took part in designing the uniforms for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, and 2016 Rio Olympic Games. BIFT has successfully fulfilled the fashion research and design for the mass parade and volunteers in the 60th National Anniversary of PRC. We also participated in designing clothing and accessory with specific industry requirements, such as the watches for the South and North Pole expedition team and the space suits for the astronauts in Shenzhou Seven/Nine/Ten/Eleven Spacecraft, including the design of the space suits and the shoes worn in the Spacecraft. Moreover, the faculty of our institute has participated in both the fashion research and design for 2014 APEC leaders costume, which makes BIFT win the attention of the world. In the recent years, the fashion design and art major students have been taking the leading position in all kinds of national and international fashion contests, and they have earned more than 100 national and international competition awards, including the U.S.A. AOF Fashion Award, German Red Dot Design Award and Hempel Cup Award, which makes BIFT the “cradle of Chinese fashion designer”. Fashion Performance major of BIFT ranks the first within China, students from this major made outstanding achievements in both national and international competitions, including wining the honor of Chinese champion of 66th Miss World 2016 and the champion of China Supermodel Competition, etc.

Since the establishment of the Institute, BIFT have cultivated more than 30,000 graduates(including more than 3,000 international students and Chinese students form Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and many of them have become the leading figures in the national fashion industry and international cultural creative area. BIFT has won Distinguished Academy Award, Education Contribution Award of Beijing Fashion Capital Construction and Special Contribution Award of Beijing Fashion Capital Construction over the past few years. In 2016, BIFT was chosen as the best fashion Institute in China by Business of Fashion. BIFT runs high in terms of the undergraduate fashion courses and ranks 2nd “Best Long-term Value”in regards to graduate fashion courses at the international level. Now, BIFT is a famous “Chinese Higher Education Fashion Institute”with distinctive characteristics at home and abroad.

1. The school of International education provides foreign student dormitory with the option of a double room or triple room, which is equipped with air conditioner、TV、shower 、washroom and  part of daily necessaries,while some with kitchen. There is an auto- laundry shared by all the foreign students.

2. Students can also rent houses outside the school, but must handle registration procedures to the local public security organs within 24 hours after the entry.

3. Dormitory fee: 50~60/bed/day/person, one time payment of total semester fee;all kinds of fee have to be paid on school financial platform.

Basic Length of Schooling

The basic length of schooling Is 4 years, the maximum length of schooling is 6 years. If students get enough credits and reach the graduation requirements, they will be allowed to graduate and get the diploma and bachelor's degree issued by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China. The study mode is full-time schooling. Military service time is not included in the length of schooling.

 Professional Program Settings 

Undergraduates art & non-art majors of BIFT can be seen in below attachment.

 Application Requirements

1. Applicants, the foreign citizen of a foreign country passport; aged between 18 to 25 in principle;

2. Emigrant from China to other countries must have foreign country passport with the date before 30th of April 2016 and certificate of cancelled Chinese nationality; and actually lived foreign country at least 2 years in the past 4 years( more than 9 month in one year can be calculated as one year according the seal of exit and entry );

3. Good health and conduct, willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China and school discipline, and respect the customs of the Chinese people;

4.The qualified high school graduation certificate or other higher degrees;

5. Chinese language level at least HSK4.

Application Time

From the disclosure day to June 10th, 2021. If apply through the mail, time should be subject to the postmark date.

Application Procedures

1E-mail application materials. (enroll or not enroll, no files would be returned.)

(1) Enrollment Application Form (download from website)

(2) Scholarship application form(download from website)

(3) Copy of passport;

(4) Copy of senior high school graduation certificate and transcript;

(5) Copy of HSK transcript(level 4 or higher);

(6) Personal portfoliosubmitted by art program

(7) Copy of guarantors passport or ID card provided by the guarantor or issued by the guarantee institution;

(8) Personal or family economic status;

(9) Personal study plan;

(10) Other materials needed.

*Certificates mentioned need original or confirmed by authority.

2Application fees: 600 RMB. Application fees will not be returned whether be enrolled or not.

 3Online Interview or Exam (arrange and notice later)


Confirmation of Enrolment

1. Check all application documents;

2. Personal portfolio evaluated by the panel;

3. Email or post application materials before May 31st

4. Online Interview or Exam Based on the check result before 15th June; those who cannot be reached due to the change of contact information should be responsible on their own. 

5. Determine the admission list and scholarship level by all steps above.


Admission Procedures

1. Original copy and photocopy of the Admission Letter;

2. Original copy and photocopy of visa, the highest degree, HSK transcript, registration form of temporary accommodation, and medical insurance;

3. Input information written on“the Admission Form of Foreign Students at BIFT”; Register and sign the commitment letter of learning discipline;

4. Photocopy of valid documentations of the guarantor in China(for applicant below age 18);

5. Visa and results of medical examination;

6. Two colored ID photos of 2 inches with white background;

7. Tuition fee of first school year if no scholarship obtained; medical insurance fee for the first school year;

8. Contact us in advance if dormitory is required. In principle, students should pay the accommodation fees for the first school year in advance.

Contact Information

Address: Room 809, Comprehensive Building, No.2, Yinghua Road, North of Heping Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, R .P. China. (On the east of China-Japan Friendship Hospital)

P.Code: 100029

Tel.: 86-10-64285760


Fax.: 86-10-64288129-605

E-mail: gjyoffice@bift.edu.cn

School website: http://gjy.bift.edu.cn

BIFT Website: http://www.bift.edu.cn

Traffic Routes:

1. Subway Lines

(1) Set off from the Capital Airport:

Take airport express, get off at Sanyuanqiao Station, transfer Line 10 and get off at Shaoyaoju Station(Exit A), then you may walk to BIFT.

(2) Set off from Beijing Railway Station:

Take subway Line 2 and get off at Dongzhimen Station, transfer Line 13 and get off at Guangximen Station(Exit A), then you may walk to school.

(3) Set off from Beijing South Railway Station:

Take subway Line 4 and get off at Xuanwumen Station, transfer Line 2 and get off at Dongzhimen Station, transfer Line 13 and get off at Guangximen Station(Exit A), then you may walk to school.

Attachment 1: Undergraduate Art & Non-Art Majors of BIFT

Name of Schools

Art Majors and Programs

School of Fashion & Engineering

Fashion Art Design

School of Fashion Accessory & Engineering

Product Design*

School of Materials Design & Engineering

Art & science textile design

School of Art and Design

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design


Digital Media Art Design

School of Fashion Communication

Photography Art

Fashion Performance*

Academy of Fine Arts

PaintingChinese painting

Oil painting

Sculpture Art Design

Public Art Design

* Product Design has several orientations,such as Jewelry Design,Shoes Design, Bags Design, Accessories Design,and Lifestyle Design

Apply for Fashion Performance in accordance with “BIFT 2020 International Student Enrollment Prospectus of Undergraduates majoring in Fashion Performance”

Name of Schools

Non-art Majors and Programs

School of Fashion and Engineering

Fashion Design and Engineering

School of Fashion Accessory and Engineering

Industrial Design

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Polymer Materials and EngineeringClothing Materials and Engineering

Light Chemical EngineeringClothing Color and Function

School of Fashion Communication

Communication Science


School of Business

International Economics and Trade

Information Management and Information System

Business Administration


AccountingCertified Public Accountant 


School fees and Scholarship (RMB)

1. School fee

Major Category



Medical Insurance








2. Dormitory fee: 50~60/bed/day/person, one time payment of total semester fee;all kinds of fee have to be paid on school financial platform.

3. Scholarship : The international students can apply for Beijing International Student Scholarship in different levels from top A to bottom D; A as much as one year school fee.

4. Chinese medical insurance fee have to be paid according to the regulations related to the Ministry of Education of PRC; Anyone without Chinese medical insurance cannot be registered.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)