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Baise University(百色学院)

Baise University (BU) is a university approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Founded in 1938, BU has had eighty-one years of unremitting educational history. The university covers an area of 1873 mu including Donghe and Chengbi campuses. Besides, a new campus will be built in Baidong district, covering an area of 2500 mu. Presently, it boasts 21 schools offering 52 undergraduate specialties and 26 junior college (vocational) specialties, which cover 10 main disciplines such as Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Management, Art and Historiography. A coordinated development of multidisciplinary specialty structure, which is built on humanities and social sciences professional cluster and oriented with industrial service discipline cluster, has been formed. Students enrolled by Baise University are from more than 20 provinces (autonomous region or municipality). There are more than 20,000 students studying in the university now. In 2002, BU had the qualification to recruit international students, and the recruitment work started in 2014. Currently, there are more than 150 international students here coming from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Congo and so on.

Situated in the conjunction area of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, Baise  boasts the emerging industrial city, the "Golden Corridor" that connect south-west China to the pacific, and the origin of Buluotuo, the cultural ancestor of Zhuang ethnics. Located in the downtown area of Baise city, BU, the only comprehensive public university in the city, has convenient transportation, shopping and health care facilities. Baise is an excellent tourism city in China for its long history, magnificent landscape, colorful ethnic customs, and abundant tourism and cultural resources. 


Enrollment Type

Baise University recruits overseas students with degree and non-degree education.

Degree education includes three-year junior college education and four-year undergraduate education. For degree education, BU will award a graduation certificate to the student who has completed the required coursework at passing grades; and the appropriate degrees shall be conferred on those who meet the requirement of The Degree Awarding Regulations of P.R.C and relevant provisions of BU.

Chinese language preparatory course refers to one-year Chinese language education set up for students without foundation of Chinese language. A certificate of achievement will be presented to the student who has completed the required training courses at passing grades.

Admission Requirement

1. Applicants for undergraduate education should possess high-school diploma or above, aging from 18 to 30 with Chinese level reaching HSK3. As for applicants without foundation of Chinese language, Chinese language preparatory courses should be a good choice.

2. Good character, good health, obeying Chinese laws and regulations of Baise University. 

Application Documents
Please log on the download  section from official website  of The School of International Education of Baise University 
http://gjy.bsuc.edu.cn/xzzq.htm, fill in the form below. 

1. Application form for international students to Baise University;

2. Physical examination form for foreigners;

3. Chinese Proficiency Certification;

4. High school graduation certificate, transcript or proof.

5. Photocopy of passport;

6.Scholarship application form (for those who need to apply for scholarship);

7.Certificate of No Criminal Record (for students from non-ASEAN countries)

Notes: All the application documents need to be scanned and sent to bsugjxy@hotmail.com. 


1.  Tuition fee: RMB 10000 yuan/person/year;

2. Accommodation fee: RMB 1800 yuan/person/year (4-bed room);

3. Residence permit application fee: RMB 400 yuan/person/year;

4. Physical examination fee: about RMB 500 yuan/person/year;

5. Insurance premium: RMB 800 yuan/person/year;

6. Fees for textbooks and teaching materials: according to the actual charge of the major

7. Living expense: RMB 10000-15000 yuan/person/year.

Scholarship ( only for students from ASEAN countries)

BU offers certain proportion of scholarships according to the enrollment of students each year. Scholarships for overseas students will be awarded once a year. The applicant shall fill the scholarship application form, for the first academic year, the scholarship will be provided according to the applicant's academic performance in high school and HSK level; for the second academic year, the scholarships will be awarded according to the applicant's academic performance, Chinese language level and student’s conduct in the previous year.
1. Types:

(1). Type A: waiving the tuition (RMB 10000) and accommodation fees (RMB 1800) , and granting the food allowance in the meal card (RMB 500 per month for ten months / year);

(2).Type B: waiving the tuition (RMB 10000) and accommodation fees (RMB 1800) ;

(3).Type C: waiving only tuition(RMB 10000) ;

(4).Type D: waiving half of the tuition (RMB 5000).

2. Criteria:
  Degree education:

(1)Applicants for undergraduate education should possess high-school diploma or above, aging from 18 to 30;

(2)Be excellent both in character and learning during the period of studying for obtaining the highest diploma;

(3)HSK level for scholarship applicants:

Applicants with HSK5 may apply for TypeA scholarship;

Applicants with HSK4 may apply for Type B scholarship;

Applicants with HSK3 may apply for Type C scholarship;

Applicants without HSK grades or with HSK grades below HSK3 may apply for Type D scholarship.  

Chinese language preparatory course:

1)Applicants for Chinese language preparatory course should possess high-school diploma or above, aging from 18 to 30;

2)Be excellent both in character and learning during the period of studying for obtaining the highest diploma;

3) Applicants can only apply for Type C and D scholarship.

Applicants for Chinese language preparatory course awarded BU scholarship should complete undergraduate study in BU and sign an enrollment agreement with BU.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Undergraduate Programs for International Students in BU




School of Literature and Media

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese International Education


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineering

Metal Material Engineering



School of Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

IOT Engineering


School of Business Administration


International Economics and Trade

Financial Management

School of Tourism Management

Tourism Management

Hotel Management

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Electronic Commerce

School of Fine Arts and Design

Environmental Design

School of Management Science and Engineering

Engineering Management

Project Cost

Civil Engineering


Notes: School of Business Administration is qualified to set up an international class with all subjects taught in English for international students majoring in International Economics and Trade.