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Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology(湖南铁路科技职业技术学院)

Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology (HVCRT), which founded by former Ministry of Railways in 1956, was transferred from China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd to People’s Government of Zhuzhou city and supervised by Department of Education of Hunan Province in 2004. In 2005, HVCRT upgraded to a full-time higher vocational education college. In August 2013, HVCRT moved to Zhuzhou Vocational Education Mega Center. The new campus covers an area of 620 mu (41.3 hectares), with a building area amounting to 240,000m2. With more than 12,000 full-time vocational students, HVCRT is a resource-saving and environment-friendly college. In the past 65 years, HVCRT has cultivated over 100,000 professionals for rail transit industry and trained more than 200,000 staff for railway enterprises, which makes it enjoying a good reputation in China for its specialties and faculties.  

To meet the requirements of rail transit industrial chain, HVCRT has set up 5 schools, including School of Railway Locomotive, School of Railway Rolling Stock, School of Railway Transportation Management and Economics, School of Railway Engineering and Information and School of Railway Power Supply and Electronics. HVCRT offers 28 programs including 4 national characteristic specialties and 3 provincial characteristic specialties. The college has founded in-depth cooperation relationship with over 700 enterprises and public institutions including state-owned enterprises such as China State Railway Group Co., Ltd (China Railway), CRRC, and China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC). HVCRT has established a batch of teacher training bases for vocational education, national virtual simulation centers for student internship and training, innovation centers, “Master of Craftsmanship” studios and 2 provincial innovation platforms—Academician Workstation led by Liu Youmei Academician and High-speed Railway Operation Safety Engineering Technology Research Center of Hunan Province.

The employment rate of HVCRT graduates has exceeded 95% for 5 consecutive years. In response to Belt & Road Initiative, HVCRT has worked with China Corporation to establish East-Africa (Kenya) Railway Training Base, it has worked with Universiti Kuala Lumpur to co-construct Malaysia-UniKL Rail Transit Talent Training Center of HVCRT, it has worked with Sripatum University to establish ASEAN(Thailand)Railway College. HVCRT has also worked with Ethiopia and Uganda government to establish 6 oversea teaching centers. HVCRT has developed 8 programs teaching standards, 52 curriculums standards and 60 vocational education standards for Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway and the universities in Thailand and Malaysia. It has good reputation for international corproation. HVCRT is now in the transition from “pathfinder” to “leader” in the perspective of International Education of the vocational colleges. In 2019, HVCRT was awarded 2019 Top 50 Asia-Pacific Vocational Colleges. In 2020, HVCRT was awarded 2020 Top 50 World Competitiveness of Chinese Vocational Colleges.

HVCRT has been approved to take part in Vocational College Excellence Project of Hunan Province and it also is a model vocational college of Hunan Province. In the comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Minister of Education, HVCRT was ranked into “Excellent” level.  HVCRT is one of the first batch of national pilot units of Education Informatization, one of the first batch of national Digital Campus Experimental Colleges, one of the first batch of national pilot colleges of Logistics Management and one of the second batch of Industrial Robot Application Programming “1+X” certificate system pilot colleges, one of the first batch of Education Informatization and Innovation pilot colleges of Hunan Province, one of the first batch of excellent pilot colleges for students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the leading college of Southern Railway Transportation Vocational Education Group. HVCRT is a top 10 vocational colleges in Hunan province in terms of social service contribution, student management, teaching resources and cultural construction.

The Southern Railway Transportation Vocational Education Group led by HVCRT is a cross-regional, cross-industry and cross-level vocational education group approved by the Department of Education of Hunan Province. The group members include south railway groups like China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Nanning Group Co., Ltd, China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd, more than 30 metro groups such as Changsha Metro Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., famous railway equipment manufacturing enterprises like CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd, scientific research institutions such as China Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, railway associations, specialized secondary schools, vocational colleges and rail transit professionals training bases. Generally, it is a group that cooperates to cultivate rail transit and urban metro professionals. The group implements the principles of mutual construction and sharing on faculties, internship & training bases and teaching resources, which makes it an entity platform for educational collaboration, talents-cultivation collaboration, cooperative development and cooperative employment.

Employers involving in the process of cultivation and examination all the time, most of HVCRT students are cultivated by order-oriented principle. The college adopts semi-military management and the Dual-Certificate (diploma and skills certificate) graduation system. The graduates of railway and urban metro transit programs are mainly devoted to the field of high-speed railway, general speed railway, inter-city railway, urban metro and special railway operation for large mines enterprises. Other specialties are facing equipment manufacturing enterprises.

HVCRT has cooperated with China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd and CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd to establish the first national vocational college Rail Transit Internship and Training Base (Rail Transit Internship & Training Yard and Rail Transit Internship & Training Center). Rail Transit Internship & Training Yard is a comprehensive training rail yard that integrates 6 systems: railway operation management, locomotive, engineering, signals, vehicles and power supply. Up to 2021, the total length of this line reaches 3.4 kilometers, with a total investment of 550 million yuan. There are 7 practical training buildings laid out along the yard, containing 95 training rooms for urban rail train driving, train dispatch and command etc. It also has 5 practical training centers, and the area of training grounds is over 100,000m2. Each year, HVCRT carries out professionals training for rail transit enterprises, pre-service training for college students, adult education, vocational skills appraisal and skill competitions for rail transit enterprises for tens of thousands of people. 


To help international students to adapt to compus life smoothly, the school provides on-compus accommodation for international students. Students can choose to live in two-bedroom apartment or three-bedroom dormitory. The apartment provides water heater, air conditioner, water dispenser, private bathroom, public laundry etc. In addition, students can choose school canteen, cafeteria or halal canteen on compus. There is supermarket, bank, college students' clubs and gyms on campus, which can basically meet the needs of students' daliy life.

                        Programs for International Student

      in Hunan Vocational College of Railway Technology



Talents Training Objective

Additional Requirements


Railway Locomotive

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents with comprehensive vocational abilities who are engaged in railway locomotive maintenance, application (driver), management and so on.

No color blindness and color weakness. Eyesight is better than 5.0.



Railway Rolling Stocks (Vehicles)

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents with comprehensive vocational abilities who are engaged in the manufacture, operation, maintenance of railway vehicles.



EMU Maintenance Technology

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents who are engaged in EMU application and maintenance.



Railway Engineering Technology

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents who are engaged in railway engineering construction, railway maintenance, engineering supervision, engineering detection, project bidding and other aspects.



Automatic Control of Railway Signaling

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents who are engaged in installation, debugging, testing, maintenance, management and operation of signal systems.

No color blindness and color weakness. Corrected visual acuity is better than 5.0


Railway Power Supply Technology

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents who are engaged in maintenance of electric railway substation, maintenance of catenary equipment, installation and maintenance of power supply equipment for light railway and subway, construction and maintenance of Electrification Engineering in Electrification Bureau

No color blindness and color weakness. Corrected visual acuity is better than 5.0.


Railway Traffic Operation Management

To train high-quality technical and skillful talents who are engaged in railway and subway passenger transport organization and service

No color blindness and color weakness. Corrected visual acuity is better than 5.0, Good appearance.


1. 外国留学生普通护照复印件  A photocopy of valid passport


Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (Only for the foreign student who coming to study in China no less than 6 months, the record should be stamped by local health and quarantine office)

3. 本人最高学历证明   A copy of his/her highest academic certificate

4. 《无犯罪记录证明 》 Certificate of No Criminal Record

5. 彩色2寸免冠证件照电子版纸质版(白色背景无边框,头部占照片的2/3,照片像素不低于320*2400)

A 2 inches recently-taken bare-head and full-face color ID photo (white background and frameless, pixel no less than 320*2400)

6. 湖南铁路科技职业技术学院来华留学生信息统计表    Information Form for International Students

7. 其它辅助材料    Other materials: award certificate, recommendation letter, resume, HSK transcript, etc.

说明  NOTE
All application documents should be submitted in PDF and printed versions, with English translation.


邮箱/Email: 1048734107@qq.com;9363947@qq.com

电话/Tel: +86-0731-22777612

地址/Address: No.1, Zhihui road, Vocational Education Town, Yunlong District, Zhuzhou City.


You can apply for admission in the whole year


September 1st           March 1st 



Tuition fees vary by programs, please consult Further Education and International School of HVCRT.

Tel: +86-0731-22777612



The HVCRT President's Scholarship is the scholarship set up for the purpose of rewarding foreign students enrolled in HVCRT for their outstanding performance. Foreign students can apply for the scholarship twice a year (once for each semester):

Type A Scholarship: Top 5%

Type B Scholarship: Top 10%

Type C Scholarship: Top 25%


Scholarship Requirement:

1.Foreign students should have valid passport & visa (X1) amd be friendly to China.

2.Applicants should be in good health both mentally and physically, and should achieve excellent grades in studying.

3.Applicants should behave well in daily life and study, and be able to actively participate in school activities.

4.Applicants have earned a good reputation for the college in other areas or have made outstanding contributions to the college.

5.During the study in China, foreign students must abide by the rules and regulations of HVCRT, concentrate on their studies and researches, and follow the teaching programs arranged by HVCRT.


Application Deadline:

Foreign students should apply for the scholarship before March 30th and October 30th respectively. Any adjustment will be notified in writing by Further Education and International School of HVCRT.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

1. Silk Road Simultaneous Class (SRSC)

SRSC is the solving method initiatived by HVCRT to cope with language challenges in International vocational education. In recent years, China has enjoyed a worldwide reputation in the field of high-speed railway for its rapid development, and Zhuzhou, as the most significant industrial city of high-speed railway in China, is the largest manufacturing base and export base of rail transit equipment. In response to Belt & Road Initiative, HVCRT has practiced International education for years, at the same time SRSC has been developed to meet the requirements of International education and training. Since 2017, HVCRT has been trying to solve language challenges by adopting advanced information technology and utilizing AI engines from major IT enterprises. Now, SRSC has been put into practice.  
In SRSC, teachers in HVCRT will have lectures in Chinese and AI platform will identify the teachers' voice and display Chinese subtitles, which allows them to confirm whether their voice is accurately recognized. On the other side, foreign students will listen to the interpretation or watch foreign subtitles on AI platform in their own classrooms. Likewise, Chinese teachers can hear and answer students' questions in Chinese while foreign students speak in their mother tongues. The development of SRSC has break the biggest barrier of International vocational education and made great contribution to sharing Chinese railway culture and coming up with a solution to International vocational education.
Since 2019, COVID-19 has swept the world and disrupted the normal International education process in HVCRT. Due to this pandemic, the International students from
Sripatum University in Thailand were stranded in their homes and could not return to HVCRT on time. In view of the“classes suspended but learning continues”experience of online teaching for Chinese students, the first online teaching platform of Silk Road Simultaneous Interpretation Classroom (SRSC), an intelligent voice recognition teaching system developed by HVCRT's patented technology, has been adopted to teach International students online for the first time. Overcoming the time difference, teachers utilize SRSC to carry out International online teaching, which marks the milestone of International distance education for HVCRT. The faculty has done lots of work to ensure the fluency and quality of teaching. As a result, the SRSIC teaching has enjoyed a good reputation among foreign students and teachers.


2. Experiencing Chinese Culture

Foreign students can experience a series of cultural events with distinctive Chinese characteristics in HVCRT. They can learn Chinese traditional culture like paper-cutting, Chinese calligraphy, and martial arts. They can experience Chinese dietary culture such as hot pot and various Chinese tea. HVCRT is located in Zhuzhou, one of the most important power cities in China, which provides foreign students an excellent opportunity to experience the development of Chinese rail transit, including high-speed railway, general railway, intercity train, subway, maglev train, etc. Foreign students also can take part in various cultural festivals held by the college, like English speech contest, Chinese classical culture competition, and sports games such as football, badminton and basketball.