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Tianjin Bohai Vocational Technical College(天津渤海职业技术学院)

TBVTC was founded in 1958, with more than 9600 students and669 teachers, including 415 full-time teachers, 199 senior titles, including 20 professors; 8 doctors, 151 masters, 78 senior engineers; 381 full-time teachers, 7 provincial and ministerial teachers, 7 provincial and ministerial departments 5 excellent teams. Dozens of well-known experts from foreign universities such as the United States, Germany, and France are visiting professors of TBVTC. TBVTC owns advanced training bases and facilities, including 76 training centers inside the college and 156 training centers built joint by TBVTC and other industrial enterprises.And 20 training bases for international students have been built.

学院建立于1958年,目前师资:669人,包括专任教师415人,高级职称199人,其中教授20人;博士8人,硕士151人,高级工程师78人;专任教师中双师素质381人,省部级名师7名,省部级优秀团队5个。聘请美国、德国、法国等国外高校知名专家几十名为客座教授。硬体设备:实训室(?。?span lang="EN-US">76个,与行业企业共建校外实训基地 156个。建设留学生实训基地20


Campus has beautiful environment, complete living facilities such as dining hall, supermarket, soccer playground, gymnasium, tennis court, swimming pool etc. Separate dormitory for international students. The college provides students with laundry and bath rooms, microwave ovens and other living facilities.

Accommodation fees:CNY 5600/ person / year (twin room)


1. High school or secondary school graduates, with academic diploma. (18 years of age and older; guardian guarantee is required for under 18 years of age)
2. Have a certain ability in English or Chinese.
3. Physical and mental health.





Tuition fee
Tuition fees:
 CNY 24,000 / person / year (Engineering related major),
                    CNY 20,000/ person / year (Arts related major)

Registration fees: CNY 500 / person / year

Insurance fees: CNY 800 / person / year

Visa and residence permit fees: Charged according to Chinese national regulations

Students can apply for Tianjin Goverment Scholarships for Foreign Students,including Full Scholarship and Partial Scholarship, TBVTC Scholarships,and Corporate Scholarships.






Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

“Luban Workshop” is a Sino-Foreign cultural exchange brand project, which has formed a great influence
 in the domestic and overseas and has become an important carrier for promoting international capacity ooperation and serving the “Belt and Road Iniciative”.

There are 5 International Standard Construction Majors, 1 National Education Reform Demonstration Major, 1 Provincial-level Education Reform Pilot Major, 1 State-level Boutique Resource Sharing Course, 11 Provincial-level High Quality Courses, 10 Provincial and Ministerial Level Teaching Achievement Awards, 2National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resource Library Projects, 69 National, Provincial and Ministerial Level Scientific Research Projects, more than 400 National High Vocational Teaching Materials and nearly 100 invention patents.