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Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(中国农业科学院研究生院)

The Graduate School of CAAS (GSCAAS) was founded in 1979. Based on 44 institutes which distributed in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, GSCAAS adheres to the schooling philosophy of ‘research-based, quality-oriented, agriculture revitalization must be realized through science and education’ and insists to the school’s characteristics of ‘academy-institute combination, two-phase training’.  

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a national comprehensive agricultural research institution with responsibility for the country's major agricultural basic and application basic, applied research and high-tech research tasks. There are 2 major national facilities, 6 state key laboratories, 32 key laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture; 16 national centers (sub-centers) for plant, and animal improvement; one long term national gene bank of crop germplasm resources; 10 medium-term national gene banks; 12 national medium-term germplasm nurseries; 5 national engineering research centers of Ministry of Science and Technology; 5 national observation and experiment field station; 35 agro-products quality and safety risk assessment laboratories of MOA; 3 national reference laboratories; 4 OIE reference laboratories; One national agricultural library possesses more than 2.1 million volumes and 330, 000 types of books.

The programs in GSCAAS are related to four major academic categories of natural sciences, engineering, agriculture and management sciences, including 11 Ph.D. primary disciplines and 16 Master’s degrees primary disciplines. The GSCAAS currently holds 51 Ph.D. programs, 61 Master programs, and 5 professional Master’s degrees in agriculture and veterinary medicine.


Currently, the international students in Beijing area of our college live in the International Student Dormitory and No. 2 Student Dormitory. The total construction area of the international student apartment is 4701 square meters. There are 98 rooms in the international student apartment. Each room covers an area of about 30 square meters. Each room can accommodate 2 students. The room has an independent balcony, which can be used for drying and storage. The room is equipped with TV, refrigerator, air-conditioning, conventional furniture, broadband internet and other facilities, with independent toilet and water heater. There are a total of 366 rooms in the No. 2 student apartment, of which 65 rooms are used for international students' accommodation. Each room accommodates 2 students. There is an independent balcony in the room for students to dry clothes, and the room is equipped with air conditioning and broadband. Basic living facilities such as internet, beds, tables and chairs and lockers. The apartment building is complete with fire-fighting facilities and monitoring facilities, with independent central control room and monitoring room, smoke alarm system and electronic monitoring system, electromagnetic evacuation door and other security equipment and facilities.

The Institute will arrange dormitory for international students when they return to the host institute. The Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, China National Rice Research Institute, Institute of Cotton Research, Tobacco Research Institute, Shanghai Veterinary Research Institute and other Institute outside Beijing provide independent apartment buildings for foreign students. The buildings are equipped with kitchens and activity rooms, and cleaning staff clean regularly every day.

1. Eligibility

Applicants must be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, be in good health, and be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for the Master’s programs, and be a Master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for the doctoral programs.

2. Application Time

The graduate school is open to applications from international students throughout the year and the enrollment commence in spring and autumn.

3. Application Procedure

Login the “Online Application System for International Students at Graduate School of CAAS”, and submit all the documents online as required.

4. Application Documents

(1) APPLICATION FORM FOR STUDY IN CAAS (online generated application form);

(2) Photocopy of passport (at least 2 years validity) personal information page;

(3) Highest diploma (notarized photocopy);

(4) Academic transcripts of the most advanced studies (Original copy or notarized photocopy);

(5) Two reference letters from two Professors or experts with equal titles in related fields (Original copy);

(6) CV and research proposal (no less than 400 words for visiting scholars, no less than 500 words for postgraduates);

(7) Language Proficiency Requirements: English Language Certificate; Or score reports of TOEFL, IELTS, CEFR, etc.; Or score reports of the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK); (Optional)

(8) Photocopies of degree thesis abstract, complete thesis (in soft copy) needed if it is written in English, and abstracts of maximum 5 representative academic papers (full paper are preferred), please do not submit the photocopies of unpublished papers;

(9) Verification of current employer or working unit (NOC letter); (Optional)

(10) Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Please take health examination in the hospitals designated by the Chinese Embassy);

(11) Acceptance letter from host supervisor. (Optional)
(12) Non-criminal record report.

5. Contact Information

Room 325, International Education Office, The Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 12# Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081, China.

TEL: 0086-10-82109676; Fax: 0086-10-82106609.

Email: studyincaas@caas.cn 


1. Scholarship Coverage

The graduate school offers international students the Chinese Government Scholarship, Beijing Government Scholarship,the GSCAAS Scholarship and GSCAAS-Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) Fellowship, etc. 

The Graduate School of CAAS offers scholarship to graduates with excellent language proficiency and academic background. The GSCAASS covers tuition waiver, comprehensive medical insurance, accommodation, and stipend (Master’s students: 3,000 RMB per month, Doctoral students: 3,500 RMB per month). The medium of instruction is English.

2. Programs

There are 51 doctoral programs and 63 Master’s programs open to the international students. The basic study duration of both doctoral programs and Master’s programs are 3 academic years.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 Crop Cultivation and Farming System 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
2 Agricultural Economics & Management 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
3 Agro-technical Economics 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
4 Food Science 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
5 Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
6 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
7 Basic Veterinary Science 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
8 Preventive Veterinary Science 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
9 Vegetable Science 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
10 Animal Nutrition and Feed Science 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
11 Pomology 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
12 Agricultural Water-soil Engineering 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
13 Microbiology 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
14 Crop Genetics and Breeding 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
15 Crop Germplasm Resources 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
16 Agro-product Quality and Food Safety 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
17 Plant Pathology 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
18 Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000
19 Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction 2020-11-20 2021-04-30 2021-09-01 Bilingual 40000

Embodying its motto of ‘wisdom, virtue, erudition, and discretion’, GSCAAS has developed into an exceptional, internationally renowned base for cultivating outstanding talents in agricultural fields, seeking after the mission of ‘higher-level, research-oriented, internationalized and distinct-featured ’graduate education.