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The Central Academy of Drama(中央戏剧学院)

About Us


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The Central Academy of Drama was the first theatre higher educational institution of the People's Republic of China. Now it is affiliated to China's Ministry of Education and is ranked as one of the best top-level drama and stage arts institutions in China. The Central Academy of Drama is the headquarter of China Alliance of Theatre Higher Educational Institutes, Asia Theatre Education Centre (ATEC) and World Theatre Education Alliance (WTEA). It is a world famous higher educational institute of arts, and holds the UNESCO CHAIR ON THEATRE EDUCATION.
The history of the Central Academy of Drama dates back to more than 70 years, to April 10th, 1938, when Yan An Lu Xun Art College was established. The Central Academy of Drama opened officially in December, 1949 and held the inaugural conference on 2nd of April, 1950. Chairman Mao Zedong inscribed the official name in calligraphy.
The Central Academy of Drama has two campuses, one is located at Dong Mianhua Hutong No. 39, Dongcheng District, and the other new one is located on Hong Fu Middle Rd No.4, Changping District. Area of these two campuses reach 230, 000㎡, and the construction area is about 180,000㎡.
The Academy’s pedagogic programs have been subdivided into Department of Acting, Department of Directing, Department of Stage Design, Department of Dramatic Literature, Department of Musical Theatre, Department of Peking Opera, Department of Western Opera, Department of Dance Drama, Department of Puppetry Theatre, Department of Theatre Pedagogy, Department of Theatre Management, Department of Film and TV Arts and Department of Theatrology. Majors offered at the undergraduate level include: Acting, Directing, Art Design for Drama, Film & TV, Literature on Drama, Film & TV, Theater Studies, and Broadcast & Anchoring. The academy has first-class discipline master’s degree and doctor’s degree authorization centers in Studies of Drama (Film & TV), and Theory Studies of Art. The Academy also has post-doctoral research station for art studies.
The Academy has the only state-level teaching team in acting, the only state-level characteristic major in directing, the only national innovative experimental zone for talents cultivation in musical acting, and the only state-level demonstration center for experimental teaching in Drama (Film & TV). The Academy also acts as headquarters of many national and international organizations, including China Drama Art Institute, Committee of Directing Arts of China Theater Association, China Association of Stage Arts, International Stage Arts Network, China Centre of OISTAT, China Centre of International Association of Theatre Critics, Education Committee of China Musical Theatre Association, Research Centre on Theatrical Pedagogy of China’s Preliminary & Middle Schools and China Collaborative Innovation Center for Theatre Arts Management.
In the Academy’s long-term history, it continues to uphold the principle of realism, and inherits Chinese aesthetic traditions as well as carefully absorbs from other cultures. The Academy constantly consolidates basis and strengthens practice, and pursues the spirit of “genuineness, creation and beauty”. The institution commits itself to training drama, film & TV art talents for the country and the world. A majority of graduates have become world-famous artists, scholars, professors and writers, who have made remarkable contributions to the prosperity and development of Chinese drama, film & TV industry.
Facing the future, the Central Academy of Drama will firmly grasp the opportunities to deepen the reform of higher education and accelerate the development of the school system. It strives to increase the quality of education and education management, promotes teaching quality and reform construction, and strengthens discipline and high-level faculty team construction. The Academy also promotes organizational innovations, and carries out multilateral exchanges and cooperation with world's drama education institutions. This ensures the comprehensive strength and overall quality of the Academy. The Central Academy of Drama maintains its strength as one of the top-level art schools in the world with outstanding characteristics.




The dormitories at The Central Academy of Dram are well-equipped.
NOTE: Students need to reserve them in advance, at the time of applying.

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Dongcheng Campus: 39 Dong Mian Hua Hutong, Dongcheng District 100710, Beijing, China
Tel: 8610-64035626  

Changping Campus: 4 Hong Fu Middle Rd, Changping District, 102209, Beijing, China
Tel: 8610-56620498            Fax: 8610-56620498

Website: http://web.zhongxi.cn/zsjy/lxszs/
Email: lxs@zhongxi.cn

1.Chinese Language Program

Application fee Tuition fee
420 RMB 4-weeks 6-weeks 8-weeks 1 semester
3840 RMB 4940 RMB 6240 RMB 11600 RMB





2.Degree Programs

Application fee Tuition fee (1 academic year)
480 RMB Bachelor’ Degree Master’s Degree Doctoral Degree
36000 RMB 42000 RMB 46000 RMB




3.Accommodation fee 


Room Type Spring
(Term begining to term break)
(Term begining day to term break)
Summer/Winter Vocation
Single Room (Chang Ping Campus) 10656 RMB 10656 RMB 96 RMB per day
Twin Room (Dong Cheng Campus) 5328 RMB 5328 RMB 48 RMB per day
Note: for students who will not live in dormitory for one semester, the accommodation fee will be charged by day.

Dropouts not for school reasons, the tuition fee will not be returned; the accommodation fee could be reimbursed as follows:

Days Remained Above 90 days 61—90 days 31—60 days 0—30 days
Single Room 8640 RMB 5760 RMB 2880 RMB No refunds
Twin Room 4320 RMB 2880 RMB 1440 RMB No refunds

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(1)Chinese Government Scholarships
Please visit the website of China Scholarship Council (CSC)

(2) Beijing Government Scholarship
Please visit the website of China Scholarship Council (CSC)


(3)Other Scholarships
There are many other scholarship opportunities for the outstanding students in our academy, such as Beijing International Students Scholarship and Outstanding International Students Scholarship.

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)