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Daqing Normal University(大庆师范学院)

The Introduction of Daqing Normal University

 ♦ Daqing Normal University is located in Daqing, a well-known city of oil industry in China which is honored as a city of “green petrochemical industry, a city of 100 natural lakes and of a city of northern town of hot springs.” Daqing Normal University was founded in 1965. It is a regular full-time institution marked by fine traditions and distinctive features. In 2017, it is approved as a construction unit of master’s degree project. There are two campuses in Daqing Normal University. The university has set up 13 colleges which offer 43 four-year specialties and cover literature, science, economics, education, engineering, law, management and art. In Daqing Normal University, the number of stuff is 893 and the number of full-time students is 9914.

 ♦ The pace for the international cooperation and exchange speed up gradually. A friendly relationship has been established with the universities from America, Russia, Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Malaysia. The collaboration has been set up on teachers, students, internship and academic exchange. Since 2012, 300 students from Daqing Normal University have been sent to foreign universities to study. 88 oversea students (including internship) have been enrolled by Daqing Normal University.


                                                                   Accommodation fees


Type of room


The conditions of the rooms

Ordinary double room

15 RMB/day/person

Single bed, bathroom,shower room, washing machine, water dispenser, computer network interface,office furniture, wardrobes

Ordinary Single room

30 RMB/day/person

Single bed, bathroom,shower room,washing machine, water dispenser, computer network interface,office furniture, wardrobes


                                                     (Note: Foreign students will pay internet fee by themselves. 




Registration Conditions and Time

A. Registration Conditions

1. The applicant with good morality is willing to abide by the laws and regulations of China and the relevant regulations of our school, and respect the customs and traditional culture of the People's Republic of China.

2. The applicant is in good health and meet the criterion ofHealth Inspection Standards for Oversea Students issued by Ministry of Education of the Chinese people's Republic of China.

3. The age of the applicant is over 18 years old.

4. The undergraduate must have high school certificate or above. To accept education in Chinese, students must reach the level of HSK4 or above or study Chinese preparatory courses until their Chinese level reaches the requirement of our school. If the teaching language is English, the English level of undergraduate students from Non-English-Speaking countries must reach IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 60 or above.

B. Registration Time

1. summer application time1st April to 15th June ( register at the beginning of September )

2. winter application time1st October to 15th December ( register at the beginning of March)

Note: Oversea students with degrees only register in early September


      Application Procedures

1. First of all, the applicant contacts the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Daqing Normal University, then obtain the application form for oversea students from Daqing Normal University.

2. Complete the visa application form correctly and prepare the following documents for the visa: passport, photo, educational background, transcript, language certificate, health certificate.

3. After reviewing all the documents of the applicant, the applicant should pay 500 RMB as registration fee. Daqing Normal University will issue the admission notice and fill in the visa form (JW202) for the applicants.

4. The applicant takes the admission notice and visa application form (JW202) to Chinese embassy (visa office) to apply for a visa for study in China. (The visa is divided into X1 and X2 visas).

5. After the completion of the visa application, the applicant should bring the admission notice and JW202 form to register in Daqing Normal University. The applicant must register in Daqing Normal University within the prescribed time.


Contact us

Phone86-459-5510002     86-459-5510017

Fax  86-459-5510002

E-mail: wanggang1980726@163.com       wzm5510060@163.com   





                                                                Tuition, Book fees and Registration fees




Registration fees

 Book fees


Liberal arts

12000RMB/ year

500 RMB

Book fees will be charged according to the actual situation.

Science and engineering

13000RMB/ year

500 RMB

Arts and sports

15000RMB/ year

500 RMB

Long-term training



500 RMB

One-to-one instruction



500 RMB



Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

School characteristics

1. All the teachers teach classes with standard Mandarin and are proficient in foreign languages.

2. Small classes: There are 5 to 10 students in every class so that students and teachers have more opportunities to communicate (except Chinese custom class).

3. Graded teaching: According to the students' enrollment level, they are divided into junior class, intermediate class and advanced class.

4. Tourism Learning: According to the students’ requirements, organize tourism learning for students. Through appreciating the unique immersive scenery of Daqing and colorful folk customs of the surrounding area of it, experience the profound Chinese culture and improve the students’ interest in learning Chinese.

5. Students from abroad and Chinese students are in the same campus, teach each other and progress together.


     Disciplines and Specialties







Law, Intellectual property




Chemical engineering and technology, Applied chemistry, Oil-Gas storage and transportation, Computer science and technology, Software engineering, Network engineering, Internet of things engineering, Digital media technology, Biopharmaceutical, Materials science and engineering,  Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Automobile Service Engineering



Chemistry, Mathematics and applied mathematics,

 Bioscience, Biotechnology, Physics



Business administration (Marketing、Financial Management), Tourism Management



 Economics and Finance



Pre-school Education, Elementary education, Physical education, Social sports guidance and management



English, Business English, Translation, Russian, Japanese, Chinese language and literature, Secretary science, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language



Visual communication design, Environment design,Painting, Musical performance (Vocal music, Instrumental music, Clavier), Dance performance