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Ningxia Medical University(宁夏医科大学)

学校简介 Introduction of Ningxia Medical University

   Ningxia Medical University (NXMU), the only higher learning medical institution of Ningxia, was founded in 1958. In its over 60 years development, it consists of 13 teaching institutions, 13 teaching & scientific research assistant institutions, 12 affiliated hospitals, 20 teaching hospitals, and over 70 training hospitals & practical teaching bases. And it has 22 undergraduate majors, 3 first-level disciplines conferring the Doctor’s Degree, 9 first-level disciplines conferring the Master’s Degree and 6 professional disciplines conferring Master’s Degree.
The university started international students education in 1993. In 2010, the university was authorized by Ministry of Education to enroll international students for the specialty of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) taught in English. In 2013, it was authorized by China Scholarship Council to cultivate the Chinese government scholarship students. Until now, around 350 international students from 25 countries study undergraduate course, postgraduate course, doctoral course as well as Chinese language in the university.
NXMU is located in Yinchuan---the beautiful lake city of northwest China of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The city’s rich cultural landscape and beautiful campus environment is the ideal place for international students to study. Currently, the university has two campuses covering an area of more than 1700 acres, which has provided convenient and comfortable learning and living environment with complete teaching facilities, rich teaching resources, advanced medical equipment and comfortable living conditions for the international students.
       We sincerely welcome those who are interested in medicine to study at NXMU!

Ningxia Medical University International Student Apartment is  NO.9 Building located in the campus dormitory area, mainly used to provide accommodation for overseas students. From here you can walk to the school canteen, shops, express delivery center, and playground in 2-3 minutes.The building has five floors, with elevators. Each floor is equipped with public kitchens and central control rooms.Public areas are equipped with security monitoring systems.Each room is equipped with a bathroom, central air-conditioning, washing machine, two single beds, wardrobe, desk and other facilities, and the entire building has full WIFI coverage. The apartment has good accommodation conditions, you can live here comfortably, conveniently and safely.

Entry Requirements

1. Age & Status

 (1) Applicants for bachelor's degree shall be no more than 25 years old; Applicants for master's degree shall be no more than 35 years old; Applicants for doctor's degree shall be no more than 40 years old; Ordinary advanced students shall be no more than 45 years old; Senior advanced students shall be no more than 50 years old.
(2) Non Chinese citizens holding foreign ordinary passports valid for more than six months (students under the age of 18 must provide their power of attorney for minor custody );
(3) Love the medical cause, conduct well, be healthy in body and mind, have no criminal record, and consciously abide by the constitution, laws of the people's Republic of China and the university disciplines & rules;
(4) Applicants who immigrate from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to foreign countries, shall hold valid foreign passports or international supporting documents for more than 4 years (including), and have a record of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years in the last 4 years (before April 30 of the enrollment year).

2、Qualification & Transcripts

(1) Applicants for Bachelor's Degree must have a high school degree or above, or K12 grade (10+2) or equivalent academic ability; English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology courses must pass the graduation examination of the student's country, and the average score is above B (or above 70% of the 100 system);
(2) Applicants for a Master's Degree shall have a Bachelor's Degree; Applicants for a Doctor's Degree shall have a Master's Degree; Ordinary advanced students shall have a degree equivalent to the Bachelor's Degree of the University of China; Senior advanced students shall have a degree equivalent to the Master's Degree of the University of China. The academic performance and scientific research ability of applicants for Master's DBACegree and general (Senior) advanced studies shall be subject to the latest policy requirements issued by the Ministry of Education of China and the China Scholarship Council.

3、Language Ability

 (1) Students applying for English teaching major, whose mother tongue is non-English, need to have a score of more than 70 in English of senior high school, and English language ability is supported by scores of IELTS, TOEFL or other English tests (IELTS score is no less than 6.0, TOEFL score is no less than 68 on the Internet); Students whose mother tongue is English, must submit the official certificate of English teaching throughout the prior educational stage, then no need to provide IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
(2) Students applying for Chinese teaching major shall have strong Chinese language ability, and HSK score shall reach level 4 or above or meet the requirements of Chinese language ability level specified by the Ministry of Education of China and the China Scholarship Council.

How to Apply

1. Applicants can login in the website of Ningxia Medical University International Student Service System (https://nxmu.17gz.org/) and finish the registration, submitting the application materials as the instructions; Or download  and fill in “Application Form for Foreign Students to NXMU” directly from the website of International Education School of NXMU (http://sie.nxmu.edu.cn).

2. Submitting the following materials via NXMU International Student Service System or e-mail to the School of International Education, NXMU: nxmuapplication@163.com
(1) Application Form for Foreign students to NXMU;
(2) Notarized copies of the highest academic certificate and transcripts and English translations;
(3) Copy of passport (ordinary passport valid for more than six months);
(4) Three photos (the same size as passport photo, one on the application form);
(5) Physical examination form for foreigners;
(6) No criminal record certificate;
(7) Economic guarantee certificate;
(8) The power of attorney of the guardian (notarized) shall be in duplicate and signed (provided by the applicant under the age of 18 on September 1 of the year when the application is submitted). The guardian shall be a Chinese or foreign adult who is a resident in China and has a stable source of income;
(9) Study (Research) plan in China (for postgraduates ONLY);
(10) Chinese or English letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors (for postgraduates ONLY);
(11) List of published papers, abstracts, or other materials that can prove the applicant's research ability (for postgraduates ONLY).
★ If needed, our university will require the applicant to submit the supplementary materials.
★ The above materials will not be returned regardless of admission or not.

3. Application deadline
(1) Short Term Language Learners: before January 15th every year
(2) Scholarship Students: before March 30th every year
(3) Self-paid Students: before July 30th every year

Approval & Admission

After receiving the above mentioned application materials, School of International Education of NXMU will carry out audit work (carry out online interview audit if necessary). After passing the audit, the application form for visa of foreign students (JW201/JW202) and the admission notice of NXMU will be sent to the applicants who meet the admission standards.
After receiving the admission notice and the visa application form for foreign students (JW201/JW202), the students shall hold the above materials, the original and copy of the physical examination record for foreigners, as well as their valid ordinary passports to the Chinese embassy (consulate general) to apply for study visa in China.




 Chinese Teaching Fee 

 English Teaching Fee 

 Hostel Fee 

 Insurance Fee 


400 RMB

12800 RMB/Year

29800 RMB/Year

  5000 RMB/Year  

  200 RMB/Year  


400 RMB

34000 RMB/Year

34000 RMB/Year

5000 RMB/Year

800 RMB/Year

PhD Program

400 RMB

45000 RMB/Year

45000 RMB/Year

5000 RMB/Year

800 RMB/Year

 Chinese Language 
Training Program

400 RMB

10000 RMB/Year; 5000 RMB/Semester;
3000 RMB/Month; 800 RMB/Week.

5000 RMB/Year

800 RMB/Year

Note: The application fee should be paid in one time after the freshmen enter the University. Self-paid undergraduates should pay off six years insurance fees at one time.
★ 以上内容供参考,具体收费标准以入学时定价为准。
★  The above content is for reference, and the specific charging standard is subject to the enrollment pricing.

奖学金 Scholarship

1、中国政府奖学金 (Chinese Government Scholarship)

Chinese Government Scholarship is a full scholarship provided by Chinese government. Students are exempt from normal tuition fee, on-campus accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance fee, and are provided with living expenses during study (Undergraduate Students: 2500 RMB/Month; Postgraduate Students: 3000 RMB/Month; PhD Students: 3500 RMB/Month).
Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship program: According to the procedures required by the China Scholarship Council to apply. For details, please visit http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/ for relevant information. Organization code of Ningxia Medical University: 10752.

2、宁夏政府奖学金 (Ningxia Government Scholarship)

Ningxia Government Scholarship is a full scholarship provided by Ningxia government. Students are exempt from normal tuition fee, on-campus accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance fee, and are provided with living expenses during study (Postgraduate Students: 2500 RMB/Month; PhD Students: 3000 RMB/Month). Meanwhile, the scholarship of 20,000 RMB will be provided for outstanding undergraduates who are applying for study at their own expense.

3、宁夏医科大学校级奖学金 (NXMU Scholarship)                                                                                                     

NXMU Scholarship is provided by Ningxia Medical University. It aims to encourage students to work hard at their study, and establishes first, second and third comprehensive scholarships, encouragement awards as well as individual awards.
Find more information about scholarship please click http://sie.nxmu.edu.cn 

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)
1 MBBS 2021-03-15 2021-09-01 2021-09-01 English 29800 Apply
2 Pharmacy 2021-03-15 2021-09-01 2021-09-01 English 20000 Apply
2. 对拟录取留学生进行线上入学面试,面试通过者经学校注册后可进入“1学年线上线下结合教学”学习。
3. 对已注册留学生“1学年线上线下结合教学”学习情况及学业成绩展开综合评定,无法达到我校专业学习要求的,给予退学处理。
4. 对确定录取的MBBS专业留学生第一学年学费实行50%优惠政策,住宿费以月为单位按实际收取。“1学年线上线下结合教学”开始前一次性缴纳400元注册费和5000元学费,剩余学费及住宿费待到校报到后一次性补交。

In view of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation in the world and the current international situation, the scheme of admission for 2020 self-paid undergraduate students is as follows:
1. In this year, MBBS majors will enroll international students to implement the "1 + 5" year schooling system, that is, "1 year online and offline combined teaching + 5 year classroom and practical teaching".
2. Conduct online entrance interview for the International students to be admitted. The candidates who pass the interview can enter the "online and offline integrated teaching for one academic year" after being registered by the school.
3. Students who have registered for "one academic year online and offline combined teaching" will be given a comprehensive assessment of their learning situation and academic performance, and will be given a withdrawal if they fail to meet the requirements of our school for professional learning.
4. 50% preferential policy shall be implemented for the tuition fees of the first academic year of MBBS major international students, and the accommodation fees shall be charged on a monthly basis. Before the start of "online and offline teaching in one academic year", 400 yuan registration fee and 5000 yuan tuition fee will be paid in one time, and the remaining tuition fee and accommodation fee will be paid in one time after the arrival of the school newspaper.