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Zhoukou Normal University(周口师范学院)

ZKNU Admissions Guide for Recruiting Foreign Students for Bachelor Degree

for the Academic Year 2020-2021


Zhoukou Normal University (ZKNU) is a public undergraduate college in Henan Province, located in Zhoukou,a city with historical and cultural background. Zhoukou is known as the "Pioneer of Jiuzhou (the times before Xia Dynasty), Holy Relic in ancient China", because it is the birthplace of Fuxi Culture. The ancient philosopher Laozi, and some historical or cultural celebrities, such as Xie An, Zhou Xingsi, Cheng Hao and Yuan Shikai are all born here. In addition, it is also the place where Confucius conducted his study tour. ZKNU has convenient transportation,and it has easy access to Zhenghe (Zhengzhou to Hefei) high-speed railway, Daguang (Daqing to Guangzhou) expressway , Ningluo (Nanjing to Luoyang) expressway, and Luofu (Luohe to Fuyang) railway. With meticulous education ethos, good learning sprits, convenient transportation and a beautiful campus, it was granted as an advanced unit in greening and is acknowledged as an ideal place for students to study.

ZKNU was founded in 1973. It has an area of around 110 hectares and a construction area of more than 710,000 square meters, teaching instruments and equipment of a value of 340 million Yuan, 1.8 million library books, and all-around-campuses wireless network. Currently, it has more than 24,000 students and 1485 full-time faculty members, including 420 professors and associate professors, 1100 PhD and Master’s degree holders and over 100 part-time supervisors of graduate students. In addition, it also has 60 experts separately holding the titles of Henan Province Innovative Talents, provincial mainstay teachers and technical senior scholars.

The school pays much attention to its internationalization, and cooperation and exchanges with other countries. It has successively recruited and cultivated postgraduates with 11 universities or research institutes including Zhengzhou University, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with 29 foreign universities in the United States, Britain, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Austria, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia etc., and regularly conducts programs such as Sino-foreign cooperative education program and Exchange Scholars Program.

At present, the school is in a critical period for the construction of a high-level and application-oriented university, and high-level talents at home and abroad are welcome to work in the school.



International Students live in the International Student Apartment and two of them share one room which is equipped with washroom, washing machine, water heater and air conditioner for 1000CNY/ year.

Application process

1. Contact us (tel: +0086-394-8688172, or email to fao@zknu.edu.cn) and fill in the "Application Form for Foreign Students of Zhoukou Normal University" (Attachment 1).

2. Please mail the required documents to fao@zknu.edu.cn before June 1. (International students who apply for the Henan Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students should send the required application documents to the designated mailbox before May 10th.

3. If you are admitted, the school will issue the "Admission Notice" and "Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" (JW202 for short) in early July, and mail these two documents to you.

4. The student himself takes JW202 form, "Admission Notice" and "Foreigner Physical Examination Record" to the Chinese Embassy in the host country to apply for a study (X) visa in China.

5. After completing the above application materials, the applicant should be in our school and register within the time specified in the "Admission Notice".

Application documents:

1. "Henan Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form for Foreign Students" is the documents for foreign students to apply for Henan Provincial Government Scholarship. (The specific content is subject to the provincial government documents);

2. The original or notarized hard copy of the highest degree certificate (if the applicant is a school student or is already employed, he must also provide the certificate of enrollment or employment issued by his school or unit), and the document in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with a notarized hard copy of Chinese or English version;

3. Write your study plan in China in Chinese or English.

4. Applicants under the age of 18 shall submit a letter of authorization for affairs in China certified by the Chinese Embassy or relevant legal documents of entrusted legal guardians in China;

5. "Foreigner Physical Examination Record Form" and the original or notarized hard copy of the blood examination report;

6. Pre-admission notice;

7. The original or notarized hard copy of the certificate of no criminal record, and the texts in languages other than Chinese and English shall be attached with notarized Chinese or English version;

Please bind the above documents together orderly in the upper left corner (two hard copies). No matter whether you are admitted, these documents will not be returned.


Tuition Fee:

International students of undergraduate degree program can choose the major of Chinese Language and Literature or Economics and Management, and the tuition fee is 9000CNY per year.


Other Fees:


Fee (CNY)


Fee for Medical Examination


Subject to change from

time to time.

Fee for Residence Permit

400Within One year

800more than one year

Fee for Books


Subject to change from

time to time.

Fee for Medical Insurance


Required for Registration



Every international student will get 15000CNY per year from Henan Provincial Government Scholarship for 4 years (after deducting tuition and accommodation fees, the school will provide 500CNY as their living expenses per month and for 10 months a year).

International students can apply for Zhoukou Normal University Scholarship from the second academic year with 5000CNY/student/year for the first prize winner, 3000 CNY/student/year for the second prize winner, 2000CNY/student/year for the third prize winner based on the students' academic performance in the past year.

Students awarded by the scholarship are required to abide by the school rules and regulation during the school period, and complete the learning tasks assigned by the school on time. For students who violate the law and discipline, or prolonged absenteeism, the school will give them the warns. If it does not work, the school may consider canceling their scholarship or expelling the students.



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Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
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