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China University of Petroleum (East China)(中国石油大学(华东))

Founded in 1953, China University of Petroleum (UPC) is a national key university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education and a member of the national “211 Project”, “innovation platform for preponderant discipline” and “Double First-Rate” universities. The University is co-founded by the Ministry of Education, Shandong Province, and five national energy enterprise groups (CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CHINA SHENHUA and YANCHANG PETROLEUM). Honored as the cradle of petroleum science, technology and management talents, UPC is a renowned base for the training of cutting-edge talents in petroleum and petrochemical industries.

The university has two campuses in Shandong cities of Dongying and Qingdao. Qingdao Campus is the main campus and it enjoys the city’s reputation of being the “sailing city” and “city by the sea” with a charming scenery. The campus faces the Tangdao Bay and the Little Pearl Hill with their breathtaking picturesque views. The original campus of Dongying is located at the heart of Dongying city, the central city on the Yellow River delta and nationally known as China’s “oil city”. The campus still serves well as a significant research and practice base of the University.

UPC has 16 colleges and schools with over 1,700 faculty including 11 academicians, more than 1,000 professors and associate professors. There are full-time students including 19, 000 undergraduate students, 7,000 postgraduate students and 1,000 international students as well as 87,000 distance learning students.

Over the last six decades, UPC has developed into a multi-disciplinary and well-rounded institution specialized in petroleum and petrochemical engineering. With over 70 national and provincial key laboratories and research centers including the National Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil and the National Engineering Laboratory of Marine Geophysical Exploration and Equipment, UPC is a leading-edge theoretical and applied research base of petroleum and petrochemical industries. It plays a significant role in more than 10 research areas globally.

The University attaches great attention to the industrialization of science and research findings. It founded a National University Science and Technology Park and owns two national high-tech corporations. Both corporations are major research and test bases of petroleum and petrochemical industries. Between 2010 and 2014, UPC conducted 7287 research projects, attracting grants of CNY 2.8 billion.

UPC actively carries out international academic and cultural exchanges with more than 160 higher education and research institutions from 31 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc. UPC has 5 national "111 Project" innovation and intelligence bases, 10 international joint research centers and 7 Qingdao international science and technology cooperation bases. It annually hosts over 20 international academic conferences and seminars, invites over 500 overseas well-known experts and scholars to give lectures or make research collaboration. The university has about 100 renowned experts and elites acting as part-time professors, honorary professors and visiting professors. 

Our Websites
China University of Petroleum http://english.upc.edu.cn/
College of International Education http://cie.upc.edu.cn/en/



The International Student Building/International Student Dormitory is a fourteen-floor apartment. The first floor is a teaching area. College of International Education occupies the second floor, the third to twelfth floors are student’s apartments, whereas the thirteenth and fourteenth floors are foreign teacher’s apartments. En suite double- and single- rooms furnished with hot-water shower, air conditioner, electric fan, desk and so on are available for students. Public laundries are on the sixth and tenth floor while other floors have public kitchens.  

Room Type

Single Room


Double Room


Room Facilities

Public Area Facilities

South Section

(Ocean View)



Bathroom, Shower, TV, Electric Fan, Furniture, Internet, Air Conditioner

Washing Machine, Kitchen, Gym

North Section

(City View)



Short Stay



Temporary Stay



Room Deposit: 1,000


1. Reception phone number: +86-532-86981192

2. Room deposit is refundable at check-out if there is no room damage.

3. A minimum of six-month rent is charged to long-term students at check-in.

4. Students have 60 KWH of electricity free of charge every month. Electricity is RMB 0.55/KWH and subject to change by government.

5. Room central heating is free of charge in winter.

6. Students pay their own internet access fee.

7. Short and temporary stay students pay for water and electricity by the used amount.

8. Six double rooms on the east &west end on floor 3-12 are charged extra RMB 5/day and RMB 100/month due to their larger space compared with regular double rooms.

Program Finder
1. English Medium Programs (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Icon_in_the_column/English_medium_Programs.htm)

2. Bachelor's Programs (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Bachelor_s_Programs1/Chinese_medium_Bachelor_s_Programs.htm)

3. Master's Programs (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Master_s_Programs1/English_medium_Master_s_Programs.htm)

4. Doctoral Programs (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Doctoral_Programs.htm)

5. Foundation Program (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Foundation_Program.htm)

6. Chinese Language Program (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Chinese_Language_Program.htm)

7. Exchange Programs (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/PDF/exchangeprogram.pdf)

8. Summer Program (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Program_Course/Summer_Program.htm) 

How to Apply

1. Entry Requirements(http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Admission/Entry_Requirements.htm

2. Application Procedures(http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Admission/Application_Procedures.htm

3. Application Time (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Admission/Application_Time.htm)

4. Online Application(https://upc.17gz.org/

5. Contact (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Contact_Us/Admissions_Office.htm)

6. International Student Prospectus (http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/Admission/International_Student_Prospectus.htm)

Contact Us
Admissions Office
College of International Education
Telephone: +86-532-86981298 +86-532-86983201
Email: admission@upc.edu.cn
Website: http://?http://cie.upc.edu.cn/admission_en/



Tuition Fee


Teaching Medium

Program Name



Normative Period of Study

Bachelor’s Program


Petroleum Engineering


4 years

Resource Exploration Engineering

Mechanical Design

Manufacturing and Automation


4 years


Economy, Management, Law and Humanities Programs


4 years

Science and Engineering Programs


4-5 years

Master’s Program


All Programs


3 years


Economy, Management,

Law and Humanities Programs


3 years

Science and Engineering Programs


3 years

Doctoral Program


All Programs


4 years


All Programs


4 years

Chinese Language Program


Chinese Language





Foundation program


Mathematics、Physics、Chemistry、Chinese Language






Summer program


Chinese Language and Culture




New Student Scholarships
1. Chinese Government Scholarship for Bachelor's Programs
2. Chinese Government Scholarship for Master's and Doctoral Programs
3. Chinese Local Government Scholarship
4. China University of Petroleum Scholarship
5. Confucius Institute Scholarship

Current Student Scholarships/Awards 
1. Chinese Government Scholarship
2. Chinese Local Government Scholarship
3. Wangtao Scholarship
4. Academic Excellence Scholarship
5. Arts and Sports Activity Scholarship
6. Excellent Leadership Scholarship
7. Excellence in Ethics Scholarship

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)

Featured Programs

National key & featured disciplines

1.    Mineral Prospecting and Exploration

2.    Oil-Gas Well Engineering

3.    Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering

4.    Chemical Technology

5.    Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

6.    Earth Exploration and Information Technology

7.    Industrial Catalysis

8.    Oil and Natural Gas Engineering

9.    Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

10.  Safety Science and Engineering

11.  Geology

12.  Chemical Engineering and Technology

13.  Geophysics  

National “Double First-Rate” Disciplines

1.    Oil and Natural Gas Engineering

2.    Geological Resources and Geological Engineering

Essential Science Indicators Top 1‰ & 1% of Global Disciplines

1.    Engineering

2.    Chemistry

3.    Materials Science

4.    Geosciences

Qingdao, a Coastal City to Live and Study!

Indigenously known as “Zither Island” and “Islands City”, Qingdao (traditionally pronounced “Tsingtao”) is a national historical city of over 3,000 years.It consists of 7 districts and 3 cities at county level spanning a total area 11,293 square kilometers and is home to 9.4 million people.

Perched on the southern seaboard of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a harbor city lying between latitudes of 35.350N to 37.090N and longitudes of 119.300E to 121.000E. With the Yellow Sea on the east and south, Qingdao’s landscape is often described as a pearl on the crown of the Yellow Sea. The port city adjoins the cities of Yantai, Rizhao and Weifang, and faces North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea.

The largest city and economic hub of Shandong province, Qingdao harbors the world’s 7thlargest seaport, making it a strategic city in the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor and maritime cooperation.

Also known as China's Sailing City, Qingdao was host to the Sailing Regattas of the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It also housed the International Horticultural Exposition of 2014. Famous for its prestigious household beer brand, the city holds the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival. Other popular events and festivals include the Qingdao International Ocean Festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Golden Beach Music Festival and the Mount Daze Grape Festival among others.

Qingdao experiences four distinctive and conducive weather seasons, moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine all year round. The city’s annual temperature averages 12.7℃ - neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The serene city is endowed with a beautiful combination of scenic natural landmarks and exotic architecture, making it China’s enviable resort city. Its famous tourist destinations include Mount Lao, the historic Zhanqiao Pier, May Fourth Square, Badaguan Scenic Area, the Olympic Sailing Center, Golden Beach, etc.

Welcome to Qingdao, a home of hospitality and vitality!