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Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology(郑州工业应用技术学院)

Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology (ZUIT), located in a famous historical city Xinzheng and Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, a pioneering airport economic development zone in China, is a private engineering-oriented university, sponsored by Hopeshine, an integrated trade group with education, medical treatment, medicine, real estate, and hotel. In 2014, it was renamed as Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology. In 2016, it successfully passed the undergraduate teaching assessment of the Ministry of Education.

Ever since its foundation,ZUIT has made a positive contribution to the local economic construction and social development with nearly 80,000 graduates. ZUIT consists of 14 schools, which offer 47 undergraduate majors. At present it has an enrollment of more than 40,000 full-time students. It initially forms the engineering-oriented professional layout, coordinated with medicine, management, economics, art, and literature. ZUIT is composed of two campuses, with a total area of 366 acres. It is equipped with swimming pool, gymnasium, comprehensive sports center, academic exchanges center, student affairs comprehensive service center, etc. It has 35 experimental training centers and 199 laboratories with instruments and equipment reaching almost 200 million Yuan. The number of books collected in the library totals 2 million. ZUIT has 1,359 full-time teachers, of whom 120 teachers with senior professional titles and 389 with deputy titles; it has 951 teachers with master's or higher degree, accounting for 70%. 

ZUIT follows the law of fostering applied talents and makes great efforts to promote teaching reform. According to needs of local industrial development, it established four professional clusters, i.e. advanced manufacturing, modern service, rehabilitation, urban and rural construction. Relying on the advantage of running school by trade group, it sets up an integrated development platform for research and production. It strengthens the practical teaching system which focuses on the connection between basic skill training, professional comprehensive training and enterprise actual combat training. The employment rate for ZUIT graduates consistently ranks in the top schools among all Henan’s universities every year. Graduates have received high praise from employers for their all-round abilities, creative thinking, and strong work ethic. ZUIT is taking steps on the road of building a first-class, distinctive and high-level applied technology university.

Twin room with two beds, two tables, wardrobes and one independent bathroom.
600 RMB per month. 6,000 RMB per year if foreign student studies more than 10 months one year in ZUIT.

Programme Introduction

1. Undergraduate Programmes

Duration: 4 years. Students will be awarded diplomas upon successful completion of required programme courses and the oral defence of the dissertation. Those who fulfil the requirements for bachelor's degree will also be awarded a degree certificate.

2. Non-degree Programmes

(1) Preparatory Programmes

Duration: 0.5 years. Students can be recommended to study in ZUIT on a relevant undergraduate major if they have good performance at school and are qualified after assessment.

(2) Programmes for Visiting Students

Duration: 0.5-1 years. Appropriate extension of study can be applied under specific circumstances. Students will be granted ZUIT course-completion certificates if they have finished courses in Chinese language study or the other majors as required and succeed in exams.


At Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology, each academic year is divided into spring semester and autumn semester. Autumn semester often starts in early September, while spring semester lasts from late February. Exact dates of each semester are subject to academic calendar of ZUIT.

Application Procedure

1. Application

The applicant shall send the application materials (see Appendix 1 for the application qualification and the list of materials) to the email fs@zzgyxy.edu.cn


(1) The language for filling the application form (see Appendix 2) shall be Chinese or English.
(2) The applicant shall send the color scanned copies of the application materials to the designated mailbox as required, and the originals shall be maintained for verification.
(3) After admission, those who hold HSK Level 4 can directly begin the professional study. Those who do not have need to pass the school test to determine whether to take six months to one year's Chinese language learning.

2. Documentation Review

ZUIT will review the application documents. Students are assessed according to the academic scores they have obtained.

3. Admission

Applicants who have passed the application document review will be notified, for whom ZUIT will issue admission letters. Depending on the duration of the programme applied, relevant admission documents including the “Form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form)”will be issued together. It takes 4-5 weeks to mail out the relevant materials as of completion of the admission process.

4. Other Considerations see Appendix 3

Contact us

Room 431, International Exchange Office

Administration Building, ZUIT

No. 16, Xueyuan Road, Xinzheng City, Henan Province, P.R.China 451150

Phone: (86-371)-62632579

Fax: (86-371)-62632776

E-mail: fs@zzgyxy.edu.cn

Website: http://en.zzgyxy.com/




Chinese language program: 1,000 RMB per month10,000 RMB per year if foreign student studies more than 10 months one year in ZUIT
Bachelor degree : 15,000 RMB per year

560 RMBThe exact amount depends on Henan International Travel Health Care Center)

800 RMB per year

400 RMB per year

350 RMB per semester(subject to actual occurrence

Henan Government Scholarship

Qualification Rewarded:
Language of Instruction:
Type of Program:
Language of Instruction
Duration of Study
# Program Name Application Start Date Application Deadline Date of Enrollment Language of Instruction Tuition Fee (RMB)