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Zhejiang University(浙江大学)

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s top higher education institutions, as well as one of its oldest; its roots can be traced back to 1897 and the founding of the Qiushi Academy.

Located in Hangzhou – one of China’s most picturesque cities – the University is organized across seven faculties and 37 schools. It is home to 3,941 full-time faculty members, including 50 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. ZJU has 62,122 students (including part-time students), over 54% of whom are postgraduate students.

Laying claim to several areas of research strength, ZJU currently ranks among the top three on Chinese mainland and within the top 100 in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings and QS World University Rankings. Eighteen disciplines of ZJU have been selected for China’s “Double First-class” Initiative (3rd in China) and 39 disciplines graded A in the recent national assessment (1st in China).

The University prides itself on a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. ZJU researchers are making an impact across many priority areas that address global challenges, including artificial intelligence, assembly technology for large aircraft, clean energy, ocean technology, industrial control technology, and global public health initiatives related to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. ZJU is also renowned for the number of business start-ups it spins off. Over 100 of its alumni sit at the helm of domestic or overseas listed companies, making the University synonymous with excellence and leadership.

ZJU is committed to transforming China and the world through active engagement. Major innovative developments include the creation of a high-level platform for intellectual property exchange, as well as the formation of a number of think-tanks, including the China Academy of Western Region Development, the National Research Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, and the Institute for Public Policy, which exist to extend the scope of ZJU’s research in social sciences.

ZJU has partnerships in place with more than 190 institutions from more than 30 countries worldwide. Included among them are such leading institutions as Imperial College London, the University of Sydney and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

With a cohort of 7,131 internatioal students, and around 8,000 faculty and students who participate annually in various overseas mobility programs, ZJU fully harnesses its extensive network to nurture talent with a global outlook. In collaboration with the Universities of Edinburgh and Illinois it has also established the ZJU-UoE and ZJU-UIUC Institutes on Haining International Campus.

Chief among ZJU’s aims is the aspiration to become a world-class university with a distinctively Chinese character, where tradition and modernity are successfully combined.


1. On-campus Living

International students who need to live in campus will be allocated by the university according to their majors, campuses where they will take their lectures. Necessities include beddings, desk and bookshelf, air-conditioning, hot water supply, campus wired and wireless network.

On-campus dwelling students should comply with the Regulations on Management of International Student Dormitories at Zhejiang University. Violators will be treated in accordance with relevant articles.

(1)  Accommodation fee and living expenses

Dwelling students must pay accommodation fee in a timely fashion.

Students who pay by academic year should pay the accommodation fee for the entire academic year. Otherwise short term programme standard of payment would be applied. 

Students who pay by day should pay the accommodation fee for 4 months at one time.

(2)  Laundry service

Public laundry rooms are provided at basement (G1) in Chu Kochen Hall of International Education and Zijigang International Students Dormitory, where washing machines and drying machines are available. The charge is RMB per bucket for washing machine, RMB per bucket for drying machine.

(3)  Internet service

On-campus dwelling international students can apply for opening campus network account with student card and photocopy of passport at the places below:

Yuquan Campus: Campus Network Center on the 6th floor of library;

Zijingang Campus: Administrative Hall of in Nano Building

Activation fee is 10 RMB, monthly rental fee is 50 RMB.

2. Off-campus Living

International students who need to dwell off campus must submit the Application Form for Off-campus Dwelling and obtain the consent from the International College. Off-campus dwelling international students shall sign formal and legal lease contract with the owner. Within 24 hours after move-in, they must go to the local police station in the dwelling area for a residence registration. International students who change their off-campus dwelling places must go to International College for registration and apply for new residence registration within 24 hours after moving into new place. They must go to International College to have their contact information, such as address and mobile number recorded.

Off-campus dwelling international students can apply to China Telecom and China Netcom for network service.

 Long-term Non-degree Chinese Language &Culture Program
Program Introduction: http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=22209
Application deadline: Early January for Spring Semester/ Early June for Autumn Semester
Email: admission3@zju.edu.cn
Tel: +86 571 87953089

Undergraduate Programs
Program Introduction: http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=22210
Program Duration: 4 years                                          
Email: admission2@zju.edu.cn (Chinese taught programs)
admission5@zju.edu.cn (English taught programs)
Tel: +86 571 87951456 (Chinese taught programs)
+86 571 87951718 (English-taught program)       

Master's degree Programs
Program Introduction:  http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=22211
Program Duration: 2-3 years
Email: admissionmaster@zju.edu.cn
Tel: +86 571 87951537

Doctoral degree Programs
Program Introduction:  http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=22212
Program Duration: 3-4 years
Email: admissionphd@zju.edu.cn
Tel: +86 571 87951537



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